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Studio Apartments – Making the Most of Small Open Spaces

Studio Apartments – Making the Most of Small Open Spaces

Living in a studio apartment means that space is a precious commodity. Many people opt to live in these smaller apartments in order to afford a more upscale neighborhood. They also make popular first apartments thanks to their lower prices and need for less furniture. Part of the fun of moving to a new place is decorating but when space is so limited, this endeavor can be more frustrating than exciting. A good strategy is essential for covering all the bases yet not feeling crowded in when decorating a studio apartment. Here are some tips to make the job easier.

The bed is often a sticking point in a studio because it takes up so much floor space. Sofa beds seem like an easy solution but can actually make life even more difficult. First, you have to rearrange the furniture every night to fold out the bed. For example, you might need to move a coffee table out of the way to pull it open and then put it back in the morning. Then you have to get out the blankets and pillows and put them away every time. This can get old fast. A bed that folds out from the wall can pose similar problems. A day bed is a good option for people who don’t want to move furniture twice a day every day. It can be adorned with pillows to match your decor and looks more like a sofa. It adds more seating to the room and is easy to hop into when it’s time for bed without moving a single piece of furniture.

When choosing furniture for a studio apartment, a good strategy is very important. You need to always buy the smallest item that will get the job done somewhat comfortably. Many people adopt a minimalist theme when decorating studios. This is very fashionable even in large homes and has the added benefit of not needing so much stuff. Stick to the essentials and always go for the lowest pieces of furniture that you can find, especially for items that will be placed in the middle of the room such as coffee tables. Furniture that sits lower to the ground like coffee tables and chairs with shorter legs can make the room feel much bigger than it actually is. Save taller items like vases and plants for placing up against the wall to balance out the height of the room without making it feel closed in.

While the open space of a studio is a great draw and certainly makes the apartment feel much bigger, there are moments when you’d prefer to have separate spaces. For example, if you have a guest who needs some privacy, you might want to close off a sleeping area. Perhaps you share the apartment with someone who has a different sleeping schedule than yours. One easy way to accomplish this is to put up a divider to set apart some space. That way, you can still go about your daily life while the other person is resting while keeping distractions to a minimum.