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Lodging Tips: Columbus Apartment Rentals for Ohio State University Students

Lodging Tips: Columbus Apartment Rentals for Ohio State University Students

There are many facilities for those studying at Ohio state university, and one of them is the housing option.

You would come across plenty of housing options throughout the campus area. Central side of the campus, along with the south-western and northwest side are some of the best places to reside for the students.

Apartments rentals in the central in the campus area

You would find large apartments near 30 E Lane Avenues in the Ohio state university campus for the students. The apartments provide you with extra security, and with the option of locking apartment doors from the front.

Apartment rentals for women students of state university

Women who study at the university would call themselves lucky as they would be able to stay at Westminster hall inside Columbus’s Ohio state university campus.

The apartments include a free wireless internet facility. You would find apartment rates true to its features, very attractive rates so to say, and also quite secure from safety point of view.

Apartment rentals in the north-western part of campus

There are few very attractive locations in the north-western part of the state university campus. If you proceed towards W. Norwich Avenue, you would come across apartment near Tuttle Park. The apartment vicinity has a laundry facility.

For someone who is seeking a one bedroom apartment, you may look at W Lave Avenue and even W Oakland Avenue. These apartments come and go very fast. As soon as students know that the apartments are vacant, they leave no opportunity to hook it, therefore, be on vigil, and also esquire the authorities at 614 291 2002.

Houses near south-western campus

There are few houses on the south-western campus for students who study at Ohio’s state university.