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Space Limitations – Organizer Cabinets Help the Home Office and Closet, to Kitchens and Garages

Space Limitations – Organizer Cabinets Help the Home Office and Closet, to Kitchens and Garages

Studio apartment living is not for everyone, but with the high cost of real estate in major urban environments such as New York, many individuals living within have little choice. Often it is quite popular to share a small flat with a roommate or two. Privacy and personal organization can then become major stressors. Whether private space is an issue or separating one part of the living area from another to create a well defined sanctuary, there are creative and stylish alternatives to hanging a curtain or getting frustrated with lack of privacy.

Room dividers have long been in use, but are not as common as their long history would suggest. Folding screens have also been used for hundreds upon hundreds of years throughout Europe and Asia. These portable screens, commonly called dressing screens, can be versatile for creating some definition, but almost always fall short of creating an isolated area from sound or activity due to the limited available sizes.

The shortcomings of these screens fade away with full room dividers. While some people may settle for the accordion style sliding room dividers, which are common in schools and daycare centers, they tend not to be the most attractive. A wide variety of styles and materials are available which serve to complement almost any style of d?�cor.

The new trend in urban living has been towards a clean contemporary and minimalist industrial look. This look is generally accompanied by the use of rigid framing with aluminum or steel for sofas, tables, lighting and so on. To continue with this motif, for example, one probably would not select warm, dark wood stained divider panels, but opt for an aluminum framed glass panels which may be tinted, frosted, or opaque.

Room dividers may also be integrated with closet organizers to create a dressing area or. Perhaps a more versatile design may be to actually bring the organizer into the main living area and having the organizer itself help form part of the divider of sorts. Not only would this provide more available centrally located storage, but create a versatile piece of furniture which helps to serve additional purposes.

Creating a room divider setup or closet organizer as a do-it-yourself project may be possible, however, generally the quality of components an individual is able to purchase from the local home improvement store will most likely not approach the high commercial grade quality of tracks, cabinetry and room divider doors which a professional installer will have access to and supply. While the average individual may possess the ability to tackle this type of project, a large majority of the time the individual will end up taking days, if not weeks to complete this type of home improvement and many times have poorer results than a professional installer.