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How Can I Lose My Apartment Security Deposit

How Can I Lose My Apartment Security Deposit

Security deposits are some of the most litigated issues revolving the apartment residents and the community owners. As a resident you will want to avoid getting yourself in a situation that will result in a partial or total loss your security deposit. A deposit can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands. There are apartment deposit laws in place. And owners/management companies can deduct and use them accordingly. Obvious circumstances of use will relate to broken leases, damage, and unpaid rent. Here are some situations that you may come across.

Did you remember to give the appropriate notice before leaving your apartment home? In Texas, residents are required to notice, usually 30 or 60 days in advance. Don’t assume you simply leave when your lease is up. You will be deducted monies from your security deposit if you do. Giving notice is so easy, and its a mistake to forgo this. Read your lease contract to determine the required notice. Make a copy too just in case there is a misunderstanding and this ends of in court.

If you break your lease you can kiss your security deposit goodbye. And the apartment community will probably slap a broken lease on your credit too. You will be responsible for the rents until the apartment home can release your unit to another tenant. If you have roommate problems you won’t be able to move out either. The safest thing to do is fulfill the terms of your lease accordingly.

Are you one of those tenants they doesn’t clean the apartment home when you leave. Your lease contract probably states that you must restore it to the original condition. That’s why you should take photos or videos of apartment walk-throughs when you move in.

And don’t remove anything from your apartment home. Don’t take towel racks or fixtures. This is a no-no.