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Puy Saint Vincent Ski – Off Mountain Delight

Puy Saint Vincent Ski – Off Mountain Delight

Off the mountain

A popular Tour de France pass through during the summer, Puy Saint Vincent is provincial in some ways, modern in others, but offers enough variety off the slopes to keep entertainment and activity at high levels for kids and adults.

Local guides openly offer tours through the natural parks and the towns, introducing visitors to quaint extras and city pleasures. Daily outdoor markets sell precious souvenirs and novelty jams and treats. Sport shops and clothing boutiques also perk up the streets, while snowy evenings keep visitors and locals inside at cinemas, and indoor swimming pools become a hotspot for family entertainment. A well-equipped sports center is full of athletic possibilities not only for gym fanatics but also tennis fans, dojo enthusiasts and those willing to take a stab at indoor bowling.

The valley is also highly creative with accommodation. Puy Saint Vincent hotel rooms, bed and breakfasts, cottage rentals and more are available for booking. An interesting addition is the authentic, traditional astronomy observatory building. This unique lodge and its incredible architecture is an inventive inclusion for arrangement options in Puy Saint Vincent apartment or short stay facilities.

Restaurants and cafes can be spotted on the mountain and in the valley, from take-out pizza at Le Tire Bouchon to lively restaurants that host karaoke sessions well into the night. In addition, Puy Saint Vincent’s late night disco Caliente is a staple for locals looking to let loose on the dance floor.

French queue free ski resort is a supreme utopia for those wishing to escape from the masses and enjoy the laidback pleasures of being in a peaceful, snowy winter wonderland. The atmosphere is a soothing blend of visitors who wish to unwind for their holiday break, whether it’s by taking in the scenery on a quiet piste or sharing the romantic personality French communes are famous for offering.