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The Perfect Freshman Pad

The Perfect Freshman Pad

It is that time of the year and graduation is sneaking up on you as well as every other deadline on the planet. It is time to make your final decision on whether you will be living at home, in a dorm, or in your own place. It can be very scary trying to figure this all out, but there are a few great tips especially if you live in busy city areas like Cincinnati. Cincinnati apartments are very modern and they come in ranges from very low priced to very high priced. Cincinnati apartment rentals are also very easy to work with, whether your parents are helping you or if you are going at it alone, apartments are affordable and they are not monsters. You can rent your own apartment and still live on normal groceries.

Apartments are priced based on the area they are in, the size of it, and all of the amenities that it offers to its occupant. An apartment complex will give you a little more options than a duplex apartment in a neighborhood. Most apartment complexes have pools, open laundry rooms, weight rooms and home gyms as well as tennis and basket ball courts. If you live in a neighborhood you do not always have the use of those different amenities.

You can easily figure out what kind of space you will need just by figuring out if you are living by yourself, or rooming with someone else. This option can greatly reduce your costs because you will essentially be splitting everything, which can make life easier for both parties. The more people, the cheaper it gets for everyone involved. You will want more space in certain areas depending on where you spend most of your time. If you do not cook a lot then you will not need a big kitchen, if it is an apartment full of girls, then you may need to look at a bigger bathroom for example. Most people want the space in the living rooms and the bedrooms. If you live up north and have access to basements, also take advantage of that space for storage, or if it is finished, use it as more living space.

Lastly you will want to look at an apartment that will accommodate the style that you already have. If you are moving in with all of your already purchased furniture from years past, then you are going to want a place that matches. Nobody wants to purchase a house full of new furniture, especially as a college student.

Remember that times during college can be tough; physically, mentally, and economically, but do not let that get in the way of your social life and how you live day to day. College is supposed to be fun, so enjoy every minute of it. Moving in day, whether it is in your new dorm or at your new apartment will be a blast whether you are scared or just simply too excited. Also remember that you do not have to leave the nest quite yet. If you are not ready to move out, do not force it on yourself.