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Casa Infantil Mojoneras Auction in Puerto Vallarta

Casa Infantil Mojoneras Auction in Puerto Vallarta

The times are rough in Puerto Vallarta. Many people are in need of our contribution and support. And it is only with our help that a change can come in the lives of these individuals. An organization called Casa Infantile Mojoneras depends completely on charitable donations in order to perform all of their duties efficiently.

The future of every civilization, every nation and community has always been the young blood. It is the young blood that steers the way for the future generations to inhabit the world and make it better. Henceforth, a better life, a better future begins with providing better facilities to the children of Puerto Vallarta. Given that, the individuals who are crushed the most under the tyranny of poverty are the children. Poverty is like plague, which passes from one generation to another, and in order to obtain a cure for this plague the people of Puerto Vallarta need to step up and break this useless and damaging chain of life.

These children need to be sheltered from the evils of the world which include abuse, exploitation, poverty, lack of education and violence. Their right to survive and live with their head held up high in this world, where it is essential to grow and develop, is what primarily Casa Infantil Mojoneras works for in Puerto Vallarta; to provide a better future for the children.

Casa Infantil Mojoneras is a great organization that strives to provide an environment based on love, care, affection and respect for these children who are in abyssal poverty. In this centre every child is given the right to stay, and be sheltered. Up till now, no child has been turned away or been refused admission because refusal and rejection are problems that this organization is trying to eradicate amongst these children.

The focal agenda of this organization is to instill those principals in the lives of these children which make them responsible, loving and caring human beings. Education, Food, Clothing and Social Skills are provided to these children who by availing these bountiful opportunities become secure human beings. Casa Infantil Mojoneras is the sole sanctuary of these children against evils like drugs, prostitution, abuse and alcoholism.

This organization now needs the help and support of the people of Puerto Vallarta so that they can shift to a bigger place to stay. In order to attain a new building this organization is arranging a Sports Auction which is going to be held at the Outback Steakhouse on the 14th of July at 8 p.m. The pieces that will be auctioned off are two football t-shirts which have been autographed by the popular Mexican player, Rafa Márquez. Other articles that will be auctioned off are one t-shirt and 1 football which is autographed by the whole Mexican beach soccer team. T-shirts also autographed by singers like Kalimba, Yahir and Izkander will be auctioned. A number of art works and paintings from many talented local artists will also be auctioned and folks…there are many more articles that will be auctioned.

So please be generous and keep an open heart. And remember all of this is for a great cause. The tickets cost only $250 pesos which also includes a wonderful dinner and the liberty to begin your own bidding. So open your heart and let there be light!