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How You Can Make a Landlord Want to Keep You Forever

How You Can Make a Landlord Want to Keep You Forever

Here are some basic tips on how you can make your landlord want to keep you as a tenant, and be extremely sad when it is time for you to move on. First thing is to find the right landlord in the first place. There are many good landlords that want to help people in unfortunate circumstances, but in many cases, taking a risk can backfire on them. It is only a truly selfless person that will continue to extend a hand to a renter even after getting burned.

So how can you make a good landlord want to keep you for a long time? There are many basic things that you can do right from the beginning. For one, if you have any kids or pets, you need to bring this information up right away, not at the last minute, or after you have signed a lease agreement. You need to be honest and open with them from the beginning, and in the case of pets, offer to give a pet deposit, before they do. That tells them you are being responsible, and want to have a good relationship with them from the start.

Second, make sure that you not only pay your rent on time, but make a point to try to pay a few days before the due date. Everyone has busy lives, both you and the landlord, but if you try to pay early, or know there is a week end coming up and let them know that you will pay them on the following Monday, they usually don’t mind, and in many cases may wave any late fees if it ends up a couple of days late. You know when you are going to have problems, if any paying rent, so instead of waiting for the last minute, let them know right away what the situation is, and don’t let it happen on a regular basis.

If you find that you are having some finance crisis, and may not be able to cover your rent on an consistent basis, speak to them in person about it. Sit down, and let them know what’s going on, and just ask if they can help you out for a little while so you can get on your feet again. Offer to do some yard work for them, or do some light maintenance around the apartment building. In many cases, a landlord will be more willing to let you pay a little less in rent and have you do some work around the place then have an empty apartment.

Keep you apartment looking as clean as possible, and act like the landlord may walk in at any moment. While this isn’t going to be the case, and you don’t have to maintain perfection, you need to make sure you aren’t making a mess, and doing routine housework. A landlord knows when they have a clean tenant, and one who just doesn’t care, and keeping you home clean not only shows them that you are a clean person. Help your landlord around the building by picking up trash you see, and things like that, and just try act like you would if you owned your home.