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Cheap Cool Stuff For Your Apartment – How to Find Them

Cheap Cool Stuff For Your Apartment – How to Find Them

To many people “cheap cool stuff” are magic words, especially for individuals who rent apartments. It just doesn’t pay to pour too much money into a place you may leave in a year or two or maybe even less. The good news is that apartment stuff – tables and chairs, beds, lamps, curtains, kitchenware – can indeed be had cheap while being cool, beautiful, and serviceable at the same time, and looking for exactly the right ones only takes a little time, a little legwork, and the following tips to point you in the right direction.

1. Enjoy the hunt – Oftentimes the pleasure is in the trip itself, not in the destination. Shopping is a nearly universal pastime and for your purpose of finding apartment stuff that’s cool and cheap, success is sure if you don’t hurry. Meander, look around, let the flow take you where it will. Why buy the first thing you find and cut the shopping trip short when you’re having so much fun looking?

2. Do not go to the mall – Some people have the notion of going to the furniture store, the mall, or some such outlet to peg what they would like to have for their apartment, and then go to the thrift shops and second-hand places to find exactly the same item. This rarely works, and chances are you’ll get frustrated at not finding anything like your mall-boutique choice and just go back to get that new, expensive item you had your heart set on. Let me repeat: do NOT go to the mall, just go straight to the second-hand stores and flea markets and look around with open eyes and an open mind.

3. Bring a dash of imagination with you – That second-hand lamp you’re eyeing at the antique shop looks great, but the puke green color doesn’t exactly match your walls. Well why not pick up a few small cans of paint and a brush on the way home with some of the money you saved? Imagination will see the inner beauty in that lamp, use it. You might see that your cheap cool stuff doesn’t look so cheap anymore after adding your special touch to it.

4. Find out what your shopping options are – Even before stepping out the door, do some research as to where the good shops are. You probably just moved into your new apartment and a new neighborhood if you’re still on the hunt for all this stuff, so do spend a few minutes on the internet or read the local classified ads, find out what shops are in the area. Keep the following in your sights: antique shops, second-hand stores, pawn shops, flea markets, garage sales, church fund-raising sales and the like.

5. Take a long hard look around your apartment before you go – Better yet, take a few phone camera photos, and if you’re looking for big stuff like a sofa or bed, take measurements and bring a measuring tape. No matter how familiar you think you are with your place, refreshing the memories or bringing a few reference photos with you certainly won’t hurt. You’re not really getting it cheap if the sofa you trucked in won’t even fit through your front door.

There’s no shame in being thrifty and practical-minded, and the added bonus is that you get to practice your artistic, imaginative side a lot more too. With a little brain and leg-power, you’ll be in for quite a few proverbial priceless moments in your search for cheap cool stuff!