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Why It Is Good To Live In A Doorman Apartment Building

Why It Is Good To Live In A Doorman Apartment Building

Of course not every apartment building has a doorman, but you have to be honest, you love to enter such a building and have the door opened in front of you. It makes you feel rather important, and you would like to benefit from a doorman’s services in your own building.

To make a clearer idea on the importance of having a doorman, here are some interesting aspects of his work. They might help you make an important decision next time you move.

First of all, you should know a doorman always plays a very important role in the safety of the entire building and the safety of those who live there, of course. He can be regarded as a real security person, who is constantly monitoring those who enter the building and those who leave the building.

When someone unexpected decides to drop by, the doorman will be very quick to let you know by making a simple call to your apartment. Thus, you have the possibility of indirectly refusing a visit and therefore use the doorman to screen visitors.

Plus, you can tell a doorman to never allow a certain person to come near your apartment, if you are having problems with someone. You can look at a doorman as a human video surveillance camera, if you wish.

Another great advantage of a doorman is he will always get your mails and deliveries, as they can sign for your packages when you are not home. Additional to all these, a doorman’s job is to pay close attention to all tenants and when he notices something wrong with any of them, he can check on them to ensure they are fine.

Every apartment building has its own set of rules. Some buildings might allow doormen to help tenant with their luggage or shopping bags, call them taxis or even hold items for them until they get back home.

All in all, having a doorman is great. The many advantages cannot lead to anything else but a recommendation for all apartment buildings to have them.