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The Word Of Christ Is A Resounding Success With Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a Nigerian minister known throughout the world as a leader in spreading the word of Christ and giving healing to his followers as well as newcomers wanting to find strength in their faith and the word of God and to bring the healing powers of God to help with people’s woes of any kind throughout the world.

Pastor Chris is the owner of Christ Embassy Online International which is based in Nigeria and was formed in the full faith of God to help bring the word of God as well as healing through prayer and the healing’s brought forth through the word of God to a further reaching audience the world over with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome traveling to teach the word of God that is written in the scriptures of the Bible and give those in need a stronger belief in their faith by helping them to realize that God is always with them and that God can heal those in need and that through with their faith God can help to cure those in need. God is always watching over them and understands the struggles in their daily lives as well as the people who surround them every day and Pastor Chris wants to spread God’s healing powers to those who attend his sermons.

With Chris Oyakhilome and Embassy Online International the word of God is being spread throughout the many great countries in the world including South Africa, The United Kingdom as well as Canada and The United States plus many more in between.

An example of the great healing power of God and Chris Oyakhilome has on people is the event that was held in Zimbabwe recently.

Over One Hundred Thousand people were estimated to have attended this gathering with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and to worship God as well as to have communion and drink from the body of Christ and to be healed in the mind, body and spirit through Christ and God’s teachings in the scriptures that are written in the pages of the Bible.

People were very excited for Pastor Chris to make his maiden voyage to Zimbabwe to help with the healing of those in their time of need and to spread the word of God with the virtuousness that only he possesses with the help of God in his every word.

The local pastors were absolutely pleased that Chris Oyakhilome was able to come to Zimbabwe at a time in which the healing power of God is really needed and to give his readings, healing’s as well as his prayers and blessings to Zimbabwe and to help give the many people in Zimbabwe a renewed strength in their faith in Christ with his teachings and Gods healing’s performed during the service.

Through the power of God to those in suffering can be healed with the words that are written in the verses of the Bible.