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Renting and Living in Ljubljana

Renting and Living in Ljubljana

Ljubljana, the largest capital city in Slovenia offers many tourist attraction sites like the old Town. It is also an economic hub for many commercial activities and services. Most people visit this place for different reasons such as holiday making and vacationing, business reasons and relocation purposes. Compared to other Western European capitals, this place offers an affordable standard of living. Irrespective of the visit to Ljubljana, one must have a place for accommodation. This accommodation issue can be solved in either two ways: buying a real estate for those who are relocating and/ or renting an apartment.

Those who are relocating have to be familiar with the laws governing real estate in Slovenia. Staying in this country requires one to have a residential permit. Those who come from EU countries can apply for residence inside the country while those from non EU countries must apply outside the country. Once these issues have settled, the actual moving process commences. There are 2 well known moving companies in Slovenia: Vatovec which is the largest Slovenian-owned moving and the AGS. There are many real estate agencies that are offer good properties for the foreign people.

Those who want to prolong their stay in Ljubljana are always recommended to rent apartments. There are many apartments in this city. However, some factors have to be considered before renting them for instance the price charged per month, the insurance covers and terms, auxiliary services such as pet accommodation and last but not least the apartment features. Some of the prominent apartments in Ljubljana include the LJ Center and IG. One should also take note of the location and the surroundings when it comes to issues like privacy and security.