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London Serviced Apartments – At Your Service

London Serviced Apartments – At Your Service

Contrary to popular perception, staying in London does not have to translate into chaos on the brink. At least, not when London serviced apartments are at your service. But doesn’t a stay at a serviced apartment mean that you are pretty much on your own? Well, that’s another clich?� that bites the dust. Regardless of the duration of your visit, you are greeted by high-quality accommodation in a range of properties located in Central London and other important parts of the city.

Quality Redefined

Staying at a centrally located, fully inclusive serviced apartment in London can be quite an insightful experience. You realize that you get more that just another edifice of brick and stone. After a long trip, you are welcomed by delicious food packs that range from basic to gourmet. You have the complete freedom and absolute privacy of living in your home, and not a stifling hotel room. Apartments range from one to five bedrooms; with certain number of bathrooms as specified in the tariff, a separate lounge or sitting area and a fully equipped kitchen. Each property has a direct dial telephone and satellite television.

Exclusively furnished, these superior apartments diligently follow the same standards in decorative order and furnishings as a top hotel. Every minute aspect is taken care of in an earnest attempt to cater to your tastes. While all properties have the option of receiving satellite television, some even have complete business services exclusively for those on a business trip. These include private fax machines, translation facilities, conference rooms and secretarial services.

Most apartments have their own dedicated housekeeper as well, and offer many more additional concierge services. The staff can keep you informed of current theatre productions and organize tickets, dinner reservations etc. In addition, you could look forward to organised tours to popular sites in London and to blissfully idyllic countryside locations such as Bath and York. A superb location, within easy reach of the main shopping, cultural, historical and business areas of Central London, ensures a stress-free tour of the city. Want to give your tastebuds a little surprise? The reservation department in these serviced apartments would be pleased to arrange a reservation for your chosen date and time in the restaurant of your choice.

So when are you going to let the amazing value and service of London serviced apartments impress you?