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How Vital is User & Customer Experience? A business needs to concern itself with the way outsiders will enjoy their experience with the brand. User and customer experience are some of the terms that you will come across many times. Many people are unaware of the fact that user experience or UX is a component of customer experience CX and the two concepts are similar. With that in mind, why is it important to concern yourself with the two in your business activities. Most probably, your business has a website that customers will use to interact with your business. You have to ensure that users face no difficulties with its navigation and other aspects that are relevant to the way they use it. If they experience difficulties navigating it, there is a probability of losing them to rival firms. User experience comes into play here to ensure they get seamless navigation. Remember that clients who make purchases via your business website are those who spend a certain amount of time visiting it. 90 percent of online shoppers will initiate contact with customer support before making purchases. If the customer service received from an organization is not satisfactory, an equal percentage of shoppers abandon their purchase transactions. It, therefore, means that you have to offer excellent customer care to prevent such consequences.
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The cost of attracting a new customer is at least 7 times more than that of retaining one. Proper UX and CX will, therefore, let you get brand loyalty and repeat customers. Your marketing expenditure can reduce considerably in such a case. So, you can get excellent returns if you focus on existing clients instead of spending excessively on finding new ones.
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A dissatisfied customer will not just stop even after failing to buy from you now and in the future since he is twice more likely to share such negative experiences than the positive ones to other people who are also potential clients. In such a case, you will note a spike in the number of negative comments and reviews whenever your firm is dealing with numerous complaints from customers. Satisfied customers hardly post their pleasant experiences, meaning you have to be watchful of your UX and CX. That is in addition to word of mouth by an aggravated client, which will slowly kill your reputation. You can now see that a user experience and customer experience strategy is necessary for the operations of your firm. That is why successful companies are turning to user experience consulting firms to gain the requisite knowledge of satisfying customers. Besides, you will avoid common mistakes in UX and CX if you work with a customer experience consultant.