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How Window Replacement Can Make Your Home Cooler This Summer

Keeping your home cooler in the heat of summer may have more to do with your old, worn windows rather than the air conditioning system. Window replacement options that include a variety of extremely high energy-efficient designs might provide the solution you need.

Replace Loose and Cracked Window Panes

Replacing older windows is the best solution for loose and cracked panes of glass. You lose an unacceptable amount of heat and cooling from areas that remain open to the outside elements. If you have enough windows experiencing the same problem, your energy efficiency drops. Granted, it is not as bad as leaving a window wide open on a summer day with the air conditioner running, but it can have a dramatic effect on the bill and comfortable feel of the home.

Fixing Frames and Sills

The process of having replacement windows installed professionally allows for the inspection of all the frames and window sills. Rotted frames and sills, or those that leave gaps will reduce your efficiency even with new windows installed.

Energy-Efficient Windows

The mere act of replacing older windows can lead you to choose products that designed with high energy-efficiency in mind. Not only will it improve the looks of your home, but it saves you money in the summer when air conditioning costs can cause bills to skyrocket out of control.

UV Protecting Glass

UV ray and sunblocking features to special glass will reduce the wear to your internal furnishings and reduce the heat up in the home from the sun. It reduces the wear on your air conditioner by allowing to work less hard to maintain a cool temperature.

Storm Window Insulation

Storm window installation provides another barrier of protection to your home from the heat of summer. Your air conditioner will cycle less and provide the same level of cool by having all drafts and leaks eliminated.

Find the perfect window replacement Waldorf MD that will keep your home cooler this summer by contacting window specialists like Ace Home Improvements today!