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The Pros and Cons of Having A Doorman Versus Not Having One In Apartment Buildings

The Pros and Cons of Having A Doorman Versus Not Having One In Apartment Buildings

One very convenient feature to have in an apartment building is having a doorman. Usually, buildings that have this additional feature charge more rental fees. It can sometimes be tough to decide if having an added feature such as this is actually worth the money spent.

Convenience is definitely a big advantage of having a doorman. Some of the things they can do for you include receiving package deliveries, relaying messages and even calling a cab for you when you need one.

Doormen can also function as added security for the building, because they do not allow non-tenants into the building premises. The doorman will eventually be familiar with your schedule and inform you immediately if something is suspicious, adding to your sense of security and peace of mind.

Doormen often have the skills to sense when something doesn’t feel right. This will definitely benefit those who don’t spend a lot of time in the apartment like tenants who travel a lot or the elderly tenants who just live by themselves.

Oftentimes, it is also easier to sell apartments with doormen. Buildings and structures with doormen normally have higher resell value than those without them.

Maintaining doormen for the skills they have and the security they provide is usually why fees for them are required. Expect a higher rent from buildings that have doormen.

However, some people are not too comfortable in having doormen because they feel that it invades their privacy to a certain level. To some, it’s alright to have doormen know what their daily routine is, but others are not too happy to know that someone else knows this part of their lives.

As a conclusion, it will always end up to a person’s preference. Doormen provide a lot of convenience and security, but not to people who value their privacy more.