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How To Find Yourself A Good Moving Company

How To Find Yourself A Good Moving Company

Are you anxious about hiring a moving company to transfer all of your prized possessions to your new home? Simply follow these steps and save yourself from a lot of unnecessary worries.

There are various kinds of moving companies. There are local movers and then there’s moving companies. There’s also the pack-and-stack service, relocations service, household shipper and trucking service.

So before you start calling companies and doing research, you should first determine the type of moving company that you need. The next thing you need to do is to ask your neighbors, co-workers, friends for some personal recommendations as well as warnings. This is always helpful because these people are the kind of people that you trust so you can rely on their recommendations as well. If you already have a list of companies from the recommendations that you got, then you can start calling now. Ask these companies how long they have been doing this kind of business. Ask about the experience of their packers and drivers.

The next thing you should do is verify if the moving company that you plan on hiring is licensed and regulated. How do you verify this? You can do so through the help of state agencies that regulate transportation services. You can also seek the help of the Public Utility Commission or Department of Transportation.

Check with the mover if they’re a member of a trade association like the American Movers Conference. This will come in handy for you if ever you experience dispute with the company.

Now, you can narrow down your choices. You can now ask your choices of movers for estimates. It is always best to get several bids to find the best deal. Always bring up questions or confusions that you have in mind. Tell them about large and fragile items and ask how these items will be handled. Remember to point out concerns regarding entry to your new home, steep driveways, staircases, a small loft or anything that might cause any problems during the move.

Last but not the least, never give out the full payment until all items are received and reviewed for any damage or loss.

Always remember that rates are higher from May through September because this is the busy season for moving. Storage facilities should always be protected from stealing and wet weather. Keep in mind to get the contact information of the driver so you can track your moving progress. Be wary of fly-by-night movers that use the names of other big name companies.