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How You Can Check to See If Your Landlord Has Hidden Cameras in Your New Apartment

How You Can Check to See If Your Landlord Has Hidden Cameras in Your New Apartment

Protecting your privacy from a potentially nosey or just plain perverted landlord, is more of a worry for women today than it has been in past years due to the volume of options and availability of hidden cameras. Hidden cameras disguised as every day items are the best known but hidden camera can also come in the form of pinhole cameras.

When you first move into your new apartment, rented room or home you need to do a thorough walk through and pay attention to all of the little things. This is especially true if the place comes fully or even partially furnished.

When you do your initial inspection you need to check the following very carefully:

o Air vets for the air conditioning and heat.

o Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors.

o Any mirrors, paintings or wall decorations you don’t install yourself.

o Corners of each room, check the ceiling for small holes this also goes for the walls to any adjoining apartments.

o Check the bathroom carefully paying close attention to the shower and toilet areas

What you are looking for are wires that appear out of place and seem to go no where, and small holes that make no sense. If you turn out the lights and get it pitch black in your place you can look for lights in odd places.

Most cameras come with some type of power on light that can much more easily be seen in the pitch dark through careful examination. As I mentioned before you need to pay close attention as you do your inspection.

The bad thing about apartments and rented houses are that the landlord can come in under false pretenses and install cameras at any time after you move in. So you may also want to consider buying a bug detector.

Bug detectors can let you find any wireless cameras or microphones. Best of all you can occasionally sweep your living area to be sure nothing gets slipped in after your initial inspection.

Another bonus to getting a bug detector is that it can be used to ensure your privacy in dressing rooms and public bathrooms as well. We have all seen the news stories of perverts placing cameras in these public places and you do not want to fall victim.

A little prevention can save you a lot of heart ache down the road.