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How to Choose a Washing Machine For Apartment Dwellers

How to Choose a Washing Machine For Apartment Dwellers

When you are moving in an apartment, one of the things you should consider are the compatibility of your appliances in your apartment. One appliance you have to consider is washing machine.

To help you choose the right machine, here are some things you should consider:

1. Your laundry area should have a vent exhaust system for your dryer. If you don’t have it ready, you might want to have one made. Or better yet, choose a washer with a ventless drying system or a dryer that recycle air inside its drum instead of exhausting it out. If you don’t consider this, your laundry area will be filled up with hot air and this might be a tad uncomfortable and dangerous for those with small living space.

2. Know what washer size you are going to purchase. Before actually buying one, make sure you measure your laundry area first and find out what specific machine will fit it. There are now portable washers available that usually have a small footprint but have a reasonably big drum.

3. Consider the size of the drum. If you have a big family, you might want to choose one with a bigger drum capacity. However, for those with only two to three family members, the portable ones are good enough for heavy duty clothes washing needs.

4. Choose a quite machine. How would you know if it is a quite machine or not? Generally, it is stated in the features and description. However, you can further inspect the materials used in the washer to find out. Some machines have direct drive technology and slow suspension system that render it with efficient and whisper-soft features. This will come handy when you do not want to disturb apartment neighbours with constant cleaning motion.

5. Get one with a reasonable price. A front loader usually costs about 500 to 1, 200 dollars. That depends on the brand and the features integrated in it. A top loader costs less but the features are not as good as the front load version. You have to make sure that the features are well worth the price.

6. Get an extended warranty. Extended warranty services cost a lot when you purchase the machine but it will definitely save you a lot of money when you need to have your machine repaired. Normally, a washer will start to show signs of deterioration after a year or so of usage. By the time, the warranty service has already expired. This is where extended warranty services come in.