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Growing Your Plants without Natural Sunlight

Plants provide more than just oxygen, they absorb carbon dioxide which is an odor free, colorless gas that is poison to human and animals as it absorbs oxygen in the air and affects the central nervous system. Plants are not only important for us and really is needed to survive, they are beautiful also. Many people mediate near plants, their smells produce a comfort level which is excellent for meditation. Plants are used in meditation because the practice is to use all five senses. Plants are also used in most medicine, some plants cure headaches, while others cure the common cold.

The issues that occur when trying to keep a plant alive is mostly lighting. Almost every plant requires sunlight in order to survive. In the past, I have purchased a succulent plant, which needs a low amount of care, and even less light; but unfortunately, because the plant didn’t have direct sunlight it didn’t survive. This is usually the case; a person wants to purchase a nice plant for their office or basement home and because there is not any actual sunlight the plant can’t survive.

Things have been developed to help produce artificial sunlight when the household or office space might not have actual sunlight. Therefore, indoor grow lights are multi-purpose, and can be used. Some either attempt to provide a light spectrum like that of the sun, or to provide a spectrum that is more tailored to the needs of the plant being nurtured. You can read another article provided by Wikipedia here There’s a complete line of specific light bulbs for different needs. One is an incandescent light which is an electric light with a wire that heats up to a very high temperature and close with a visible light. Another alternative is a fluorescent lamp or fluorescent tube it’s no pressure, mercury vapor gas discharge lamp which produces a short wave of ultraviolet. Additionally, there is a high intensity discharge lamp which is an electric lamp, it supplies light by electricity. The last one we will be writing about today is an LED light, which supplies light in one specific location. The LED light is a light we commonly used for vehicles, also in homes, also LED lights are even used in amusement parks. They are mostly used because LED lights are so energy efficient or a cheaper substitute.

Indoor lights also support marijuana growth. With many states legalizing marijuana, companies that produce and supply this plant need a way to stabilize its growth in a green house or in other places. Many cannabis growers, especially first-time growers choose the route of indoor lights for plants, which produces the light needed in which is usually supplied by a natural sunlight. Usually LED indoor lights are the choice they follow, since they can be programmed to different temperatures, as well as different directions needed to simulate plant growth. You can read an article about this on Forbes. Whether you want to grow your own plant, or something else, the option of indoor lighting might be the way to go.