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Enjoy Your Stay in La Terraza De San Juan

Enjoy Your Stay in La Terraza De San Juan

San Jose the capital city of Puerto Rico nests many Hotels and resorts on its streets and La Terraza de San Juan is one such of good repute.

San Juan is located at the northern coastal plains of the island of Puerto Rico. It is the biggest city of Puerto Rico. This city has a rich history and nests the oldest Church in the Iglesia, New World, Casablanca and San Jose. The city has to battlements in two forts. This city is the gateway to the Caribbean island and attracts tourists from all over. It has rich cultural historical places for visit; it also offers one with good nocturnal life in, good restaurants, night clubs, and bar. One can enjoy the night life.

The temperature of the city is around eighty degrees through out the year has picturesque beauty with soft golden sands and clear blue waters. It attracts surfers as well as sun lovers from all around the globe.

La Terraza de San Juan is a very delightful and lively Hotel building which is located centrally in the Old San Juan, on Calle Sol. One can highly have a great stay in one of the Apartment suites available in the hotel. The hotel has old colonial style architecture with tiles all around; all these tiles are of original design. The door and windows of La Terraza de San Juan is all wooden. It has quite decorative panels., all the finer detailing of the d?�cor are hand made of wrought iron and each furniture of the hotel is hand picked.

The hotel sports a fantastic roof top terrace overlooking the sea. One can get and marvel in the spectacular view of the San Juan Bay as well as Old San Juan. One can enjoy the sun, sitting here and the cool breeze of the island.

La Terraza de San Juan has as many as five apartment suites, which all have bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, dinning and living space. All these rooms are furnished and bear fittings which suits the periodical theme selected for the apartment suite. High definition TV with cable network is available in each of the apartment suites. Washing machine and dryer is also there. The kitchen is fully stuffed so that one can just use it.

The rates of these suites are quite reasonable, a two bed room suite for six heads cost two hundred and fifty dollars in low season, three hundred and fifty in high season and during holidays it is four hundred and fifty dollars per night. One bedroom suite for four heads comes cheap, two hundred per night in low season, two hundred and fifty dollars in high season and two hundred and eighty five dollars during holidays. Single room is one hundred twenty dollars per night in low season, two hundred per night in high season and during holidays it is one hundred and seventy five dollars per night.

One needs to pay twenty five percent of one’s expected bill to book a reservation in La Terraza de San Juan. If the reservation is cancelled two weeks before the fixed date of stay the money gets refunded.

Services offered by the hotel is excellent, everything one needs is being taken care of. You just need to check in.