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How to Choose the Perfect L-Shaped Desk

You may have decided that an L-shaped office desk is a right design, but choosing the specific one requires looking at particular attributes. Below are a few of the areas to look at carefully to pick the proper desk for your needs.

Dimensions and Height Adjustments

Take accurate measurements of your available office space and possible desk locations. You will need these to base your final decision on for the right desk suitable to the floor plan. Most L-shaped desks allow for some adjustments to height. Make sure the levels offered will fit your needs in creating enough space for your legs to clear the bottom of the desk. You want this part of your office to be comfortable. It is where you will spend a majority of your time.

Storage Capacity

Some people need plenty of storage area, while others can get by with very little. It depends on what you do for a living and the needs for extra materials near you. Additional furnishings like bookcases and shelves can clear much of what would be on the desk to another area of the room. Choose the desk that offers you all of the cabinet, drawer, and flat workspace you need.


Look for desks that will accommodate the types of electronic devises and equipment you use. Many are designed with built-in holes to run wires and cables for computers, cell phone chargers, and printers. Find the one with the perfect layout for you.

Construction Materials

L-shaped desks can come in all types of materials. More lightweight products use fiberboard as the build material. Natural wood will weigh a great deal but last a long time. You will likely need help moving this type.


Matching the existing color scheme and style of your office will provide a professional look. You can choose from dark, rich wood grain, to lighter, airy wood tones. There are even wild color combinations for the more contemporary and artistic individuals. You will find the right one within your budget.

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