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Canal Cruises

Looking for a relaxing holiday on the rivers? Canal cruising in France is just the thing for you then. It is a popular holidaying method for people around the world, and France is one of the places where you can enjoy this experience. So if you have decided to go river or canal cruising, the only thing left to decide is…

Canal boat or hotel barging?

Self-drive canal boat and hotel barging are very different. Both may cruise on the same canals but life on board is not the same:

Hotel barging in France is a bit like a luxury hotel with a Chef just for you on board and all sightseeing activities pre-organized. All barges are fairly up-market with rate (fully inclusive) starting from A$ 2500 per person per week.

Self-drive canal boats in France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy and now Poland, come in different size. Much smaller than a canal barge. Self-drive canal boats can be compared to floating self-contain apartments accommodating up to 12 persons. Price starts from A$ 1360 per week for two persons.

There are some points to keep in mind before you go for canal cruising. As this is a unique holidaying experience, there are some things to be taken care of.

* No license is required to pilot a canal boat in France. When you get to the base, you will be given a personal lesson and you will learn quickly how simple and enjoyable it is to drive a canal boat.

* There are numerous bases to start from and each region has its own character. No matter which route you take, all rivers are fun, with plenty of villages and constant scenic countryside. In most cases, you have the possibility to choose between return and one-way trip.

* Finally remember that going through locks with a canal boat is fun, even if the first one is always a bit tense. Some locks are automatic, some are hand-operated, and others are run by a lock keeper. Make sure to have a little chat with them and don’t hesitate to buy vegetables, home jam, etc. if they have some on display.