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Burglar’s Fantasy – A Propped Open Door

Burglar’s Fantasy – A Propped Open Door

College Safety offices everywhere are reminding students not to leave doors open. But these images are far more frequent than they or we’d like. And remember, it’s not only college students who are vulnerable to doors left open — those of you living in apartment communities or large complexes can fall prey to savvy burglars as well.

It’s Security 101: a propped open door just reeks of opportunity. Once inside of a large apartment or dorm complex it’s very hard to differentiate between a legitimate tenant and a thief.

College campuses are particularly prone to this. I remember dorm block parties where we left the doors propped so other students could come inside. As a college freshman, it didn’t occur to me that ANYONE could get into my dorm, where I slept behind an often unlocked door. Apartment dwellers face similar concerns (particularly those without any concierge or onsite manager). How many times have you seen your neighbors prop open building doors?

Protect Yourselves and Your Neighbors

Don’t make it easy for burglars to come into your home: Live safely & close the door. In our passion for safety and the good city life, we’re hoping that you will close propped doors wherever you see them. And remind your friend, son or daughter on college campuses to close propped doors. We can all be the Karma Police and do a little bit to keep everyone around us, neighbor or stranger, a little bit safer.

Get an Apartment Security System

Few apartment owners and renters even know that there is a home security option specifically designed for them. Unfortunately this means millions of people lack personal safety and peace of mind. The advances in technology mean that you can have a wireless apartment security system in place and monitored within a few days. No hardwiring, no technician entering your apartment. SimpliSafe will ship you your customized system and you can install if your self in 20 minutes.