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8 Tips to a Cleaner Apartment

8 Tips to a Cleaner Apartment

Reduce the amount of “Stuff” you have. Most of us acquire things we don’t need for a temporary fix, and then we scramble to find a place for it. Don’t be afraid to throw out items in your home which you will not use.

Everything in its place. Every single item in your house should have a home. You should have a set place for incoming mail, paid bills, magazines, and umbrellas. Set your mind to it and you will be amazed at what you can come up with.

Set up a system to deal with all your documents. It’s annoying to search for an insurance document and not find it, only to turn up a month later in some obscure place. Get a couple of manlla folders and label each. Personal documents like passports and birth certificates go in one envelope, paid bills get another folder.

Set yourself a schedule to do your cleaning. This can take only minutes of your day, but will have an infinite impact on your life. Your schedule can be daily, weekly, monthly, or all three. You can set aside some chores to do only monthly (like washing the windows), and some chores like washing the counters and dishes, daily.

The daily cleaning chores should be made easy and quick. If you don’t have time to wash the bathroom every morning, then don’t put it on your daily schedule only on the weekend to-do-list. Be realistic with your time and resources. Most of us are busy during the week, and can’t afford to do heavy cleaning before or after work.

Keep a caddy or store your cleaning supplies in an easy to reach place. When you have to search for rags, and then find soap, then line up the vacuum, you get tired before you start. Keep all your supplies in one closet or cabinet. Alternatively, you can store the selected cleaning items where you will be using them. For instance, in the bathroom keep a stash of rags or paper towel and a disinfectant soap. In the living areas you can store your vacuum and dusting supplies.

The single most used cleaning “weapon” that people love is their vacuum cleaner. If you don’t have one, check out this website to find the bagless canister vacuum cleaner suited to your lifestyle.

Involve you family in the cleaning spirit. Cleaning together with others is more enjoyable and it the work gets done quicker. Your children and/or partner will be quick to agree, if you make it exciting.

These 8 tips are not hard to implement, and should get you a clean apartment in no time.