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5 Tips For Spending Less Time Cleaning

5 Tips For Spending Less Time Cleaning

Keeping a home tidy isn’t an easy task, nor is it a fun one. If you hate cleaning and would rather spend your time doing something you love, follow these tips to spend less time cleaning.

1) Do a little bit each day – Leaving your cleaning for one day out of the month will make that day seem dreadful. Depending on how big the space is and how much cleaning needs to be done, you can break you tasks down and tackle one each day or each week. If you have a full household, throw a load of laundry in everyday when you get home from works as oppose to spending your whole Sunday doing 7 loads.

2) Organize – If you create a spot for everything, it will be a lot easier to tidy up. When you have items that don’t have a spot to go, they will just keep getting shuffled from room to room and add to the clutter. Create designated spots for items that everyone knows about so that things can be put away quickly.

3) Gather Supplies – Keep your cleaning supplies in a bucket or tote so that you can easily grab them and carry them from room to room. If you’re in the middle of cleaning the bathroom and realize that you have to go grab the scrub brush, you’re more likely to skip that cleaning and leave it for another day.

4) One Cleaning Supply at a Time – Instead of cleaning one room top to bottom then moving onto the next on cleaning day, pull out one cleaning supply and use it everywhere you need to in your home. Dust your whole house, then clean all your sinks and countertops and then move onto vacuuming.

5) Take Advantage of Daily Cleaners – There are so many cleaning supplies on the market for people who hate to clean. Most of them for the bathroom, you can find items like; automatic sprays that keep your shower clean after each use and toilet bowl cleaners that work with each flush. If you hate cleaning with a passion, these can make each cleaning day shorter and fewer and farther between.