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Serviced Apartments in Bangkok

Serviced Apartments in Bangkok

When you need a long-term place to stay in Bangkok but simply don’t have the time, resources or interest to furnish an entire apartment, serviced apartments may be a great option for you. Serviced apartments in Bangkok are fully furnished and ready to live in. Like hotels, they often offer a variety of amenities such as 24-hour security, cable television, laundry service and internet access. Designed for the more luxurious long-term occupant and an ideal living situation for business travelers who will be spending ample time in the city, serviced apartments provide all the comforts of a private apartment with the services of a hotel. These apartments are available across Bangkok, from Yaowarat to Sukhumvit Road.

How to Find a Serviced Apartment Bangkok

There are a plethora of options available when it comes to serviced apartments in Bangkok. However, depending on the price you are willing to pay, services may vary from place to place. Lower priced apartments will only feature basic amenities and may not provide the same luxurious hotel feel as their more expensive counterparts.

In order to find the perfect serviced apartment for you, it is important to first determine where in Bangkok you would like to live. If you’d like to bask on the banks of the river, search near Saphan Taksin. Perhaps you have a more eclectic taste. If so, check out Yaowarat for more affordable options. If you desire to live in the heart of Bangkok history and call the Grand Palace your neighbor, Banglampoo offers the vibrancy of Bangkok’s colorful history. For those more interested in business than pleasure, Bangrak is Bangkok’s central business district. For the young at heart looking for a healthy nightlife, Sukhumvit Road, Ploenchit Road and Chidlom are best for staying up late after a day of shopping.

Once you isolate an area, you can better sift through the options available. Further eliminate choices by looking for apartments that represent your lifestyle and personality. Because you will not be furnishing the unit yourself, you want to find a place where the furnishings are comfortable for you and where the style is appealing to your lifestyle and your tastes.

Amenities can also be a major selling point. Make a list of things you cannot live without and things you are willing to compromise on. If you simply must have a laundry service available, sift out any serviced apartments that do not have the facilities to provide this service. Then, look at the rest of the amenities and decide based off of what is most appealing and important to you.

Using Online Resources

Many serviced apartment companies in Bangkok have an online presence. Check their listings online to find pictures, detailed specifications on apartment size and facilities and even for reviews by people who have rented from them or currently rent from them. All of this information can go a long way when trying to make a final decision.