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Renting an Apartment

Renting an Apartment

If you are interested in renting an apartment, the best solution is to talk to a realtor. You can find reputed real estate companies online. When renting, normally, you do not have to pay the realtor because the realtor charges a certain commission to the landlord. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense to avail the services of a realtor. Not only realtors guide you about the area, they are well versed with the market rent, crime rate, facilities nearby schools etc.

When looking for a short term corporate housing, location is very important. Make sure you find something in the downtown area with all the facilities within walking distance. Look for facilities nearby such as schools, stores, coffee shop, libraries, book stores, bus stations, underground train, movie theatres, children’s entertainment etc. Searching these short term furnished apartments online will give you a number of options.

When looking for an unfurnished accommodation, you will normally have to sign one year’s lease. The documents involved for one year’s lease includes credit background check with a decent credit score, job letter, post dated cheques, a rental application and first month and last month’s rent. In the absence of a job letter or insufficient credit worthiness, the landlord may ask for three to six months’ advance rent. The documentation required for a town house or a semi detached or even a detached house is the same as outlined above.

However, to rent a basement, the landlords are not very stringent in checking your creditworthiness or even getting your salary confirmation. You can either go for the basement or the whole house or even a house without the basement. The basements available for rent usually have a separate walkout entrance and utilities are included in the rent. There is also a parking spot available for the residents of a basement. An advantage of moving into a basement is that mostly landlords let you use your cable and internet connections. In some cases, the landlords also let you use their laundry machines.