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New Roommate? 5 Questions You Should Ask

New Roommate? 5 Questions You Should Ask

Finding a roommate is a pain in the butt. This is a person you’re going to have to see every day. This person is going to put their food next to yours in the refrigerator. This person is going to shower in the same shower and touch all the same doorknobs you have to touch every single day.

Are you ready for that kind of commitment?

Probably not, but that doesn’t really matter because time is of the essence when conducting an apartment search. Here’s a quick guide to see if you can make it through the first month without strangling the person.

Top 5 Questions to Ask your New Roommate

5. Are you dating anyone?

The dating question is key, not only to find out personal details, but it helps you get a good idea if you’re moving in with an unexpected sleepover buddy. On the bright side, there’s a possibility that your future roommate will be the future resident in their bf/gf’s place, and you only have to see this person when they drop off the rent check.

4. What do you eat?

Have you ever smelled kimchi? It’s a fermented Korean dish, and it reeks like a cat just took a wiz all over a white-hot hibachi. People love the stuff. If you don’t like kimchi, don’t live with someone who does.

3. Do you collect anything?

Really, you don’t care if they collect anything. But you do care if they’re a hoarder. The last thing anyone needs is an undiscovered litter of kittens nesting in a collection of McDonalds Happy Meal Beanie Babies. Reject anyone who keeps a collection of magazines, newspapers, 7/11 Big Gulp cups, empty beer cans or pogs.

2. What do you like to do?

If the person says:

“I like to say in and play on my computer from time to time.”

It really means:

No matter what, you can bet your life on the fact that every time you come home; I’ll be chugging away at another endless WOW battle. BTW, anytime I open my door, a wave of musty odor will fill the apartment.

Try to find a middle ground, and you should be fine.

1. Have you ever had a terrible roommate?

If he says no, he was either extremely lucky, or he was the bad roommate. Being a good roommate is all about respect. You don’t want to live with someone who fails to realize how their actions affect other people.

Bottom line: The worst thing you could do is ask one of these questions, get a terrible answer, then expect the problem to go away. Don’t be afraid to reject someone. This is a decision you’re going to live with for a good part of the unforeseeable future, so make it a good one.