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How To Consider Paid Utilities In Your Apartment Search

How To Consider Paid Utilities In Your Apartment Search

In many cities across the country, apartment communities will compete with each other for new business. New renters are extremely important to the cash flow of these complexes. Without them vacancies would increase. As you tour different apartment homes in you city you may notice that many will offer a portions of their utilities at no extra cost. But just because they do this, it doesn’t mean that you should sign a lease contract with the community. As you tour different apartment homes, you will want to take into consideration a few items.

When the community is situated in an area where there is not a lot of competition for utilities, it will make it easier for the a complex to pay one rate that will cover the entire apartment complex.

If an apartment says “utilities included”, be sure you find out what utilities they are referring to. Some communities will offer only water and sewer, and this doesn’t add up to a significant amount on a monthly basis. The electricity and gas are normally more expensive. Most of the time you will not find communities that will pay for the telephone, cable, and Internet.

Here are some questions that you might want to ask as your tour communities with utilities paid:

– Will you need to put the utilities in your name, or will they remain in the name of the community?

– Are there any fees they you will be required to pay before you move in?

– Are the utilities included in the rent, or do you have to pay them separately?

– What if you have services that need to be performed? How do you get in contact with the utility providers?

Realize that the utilities are not free. They are not willing to pay for them just because you are a tenant there. They will be included in your rent in order to make up for the difference. This is something you will want to factor in as you tour various apartment homes.

For example, when you tour a community that does not have those items included in the rent charge, be sure and come up with a rough estimate of what they will cost you and add them into the cost of the rent.

Remember to look at other amenities too. Maybe the apartment community pays your utility bills but doesn’t have a fitness center or swimming pool.