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Container Gardens – Bringing Nature Into Limited Spaces

Container Gardens – Bringing Nature Into Limited Spaces

If you live in a high rise apartment or a condo unit where there’s limited space, there’s no reason why you can’t have a garden around you. There’s nothing as refreshing as the sight of live plants and new trend that’s gaining some popularity among those living in restricted spaces is container gardening.

The best thing about container gardening is the control you have in your design choices. Containers come in various types – you can use small, shallow dishes or terra cotta pots, or if your space allows, empty barrels, old copper vats and crates are great for a rustic feel.

Selecting plants for your container depends on what region of the country you live in. As a general rule, go for slow growing plants that don’t need frequent repotting. Perennials are a great choice, especially the woody types. They’re hardier, can withstand temperature changes, and are easier to maintain and control.

Herbs are also a good option for your container gardens. You can regularly prune them as you use them and they have beautiful foliage. Most of them also fill the air with their wonderful scents and aroma.

You can also choose to work with several different-sized small containers and create a display of dish gardens in a patio or deck corner. This is a great idea especially for small plants like herbs and cacti. There are beautiful flowering varieties of cacti that come in such attractive colours. They’re very easy to grow and demand very little attention and maintenance. They’re perfect for someone who’s always on the go and doesn’t have all the time to spend on plant upkeep.

Whatever type or size of space you have, there’s always the possibility of bringing the richness and beauty of nature into it. Container gardens are there to remind us of the splendour that surrounds us all at the outside.