What is it like working on “Plants vs. Zombies “?

Colombian Andrés Molina is one of the people behind the next version of the franchise, titled “Garden Warfare 2”, which will be launched in 2016. Andrés Molina is one of the designers behind “Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2, “the continuation of a franchise that started as a game for mobile devices under the label PopCap Games and today has versions for consoles and PC, in addition to being produced by EA. While EA bought PopCap Games in mid-2011, the style of “Plants vs. Zombies “remains the same, in a way. And of course, one of the great values ​​of the game is its carefree animation, its thematic line that, from the improbability of fantasy, raises a deeply amusing scene.

This is one of the things that most attract the game to Andres Molina, one of the designers behind “Garden Warfare 2,” a project that will be released in the spring of next year. “What I like the most is that it is a game that does not take itself very seriously. It is very entertaining and at the level of game development any idea is worth, at least to explore it. One is having lunch in the office and he thinks of something very silly, that in any other project would be rejected immediately, but here is a thought to try to see what happens. The idea is to do something funny and humorous. “

Molina has a degree in systems engineering from the Universidad de Los Andes and a specialization in video game design at the Vancouver Film School in Canada. Thanks to an internship while studying he connected with Relic Entertainment, where he stayed to work for four years before joining the team of “Plants vs. Zombies “in EA.

“The development process is quite technical, because one is creating software, ultimately. But everything starts with an idea, although an idea can have anyone: here what matters is the execution. One can say how about if we have a gun that shoots rolls of toilet paper, to give an example. And from there it begins to ask: what character has it, how it behaves that weapon, what are their abilities, what kind of damage does, how the recharge works, are continuous or semiautomatic shots … All this is already the process of designing the Game, which is to bring the idea to an applicable point. This is something that is done in a very open way and that I really like the team, and in general this industry: new things come from people who are in other projects or even the players themselves and that makes everything very dynamic “.

How much participation has the community of players in the development of the project?

A lot. We like listening to people, receiving feedback and acting on it. In “Garden Warfare 2” we have game modes totally inspired by what the users told us. The first version of the game, “Garden Warfare 1”, was mainly online multiplayer and we received many comments about people’s desire to play in other ways: with their friends or alone in their homes. That is precisely what we have done with this project. We have new game modes to play offline at home, alone, or with friends. We also have variants of characters inspired by things that the same community has done.

How did you connect with video games?

Since small. I think the first game I played was “Prince of Persia” for computer, the old, the classic. My first console was the Nintendo NES and from there I started to play seriously: “Mario”, “Duck Hunt”. But I think the console to which I put the plug seriously for the first time was the Nintendo 64. This is a matter of passion. It is very true the old saying “if you love what you do then it is never work”. Studying Systems Engineering already inclined me to things like interactive environments or visual computing. When I graduated, I had to decide what to do with my life. I love video games, so I decided to follow this path.

What is your work in “Garden Warfare 2”?

Now what I’m focused on is the design of game modes. There is multiplayer, which is to play online or locally with friends, or against them. Another, which I’m working on most of all, is called Graveyard Ops, and it’s a defense mode in which one, and his friends, is defending himself from attack waves. At the level of the day we are using Frostbite, which is the EA game engine. This one has enough technical components and one that has to think in a quite logical way when defining the steps of the game because one is developing software, but not so much from the writing of

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Nostalgia: how to play NES classics, Gameboy and other consoles on Android

In your childhood and adolescence, you probably spent entire weekends waking up trying to “zero out” games like Super Mario World, Pokémon and Sonic. As modern as today’s video games, and even with the huge amount of great games for smartphones, it’s great to go back in time and reminisce about these classics.

But it’s not very easy to find a Super Nintendo, an Atari 2600 or a Gameboy from 1989 giving soup out there. To solve this, there are emulators that allow you to run virtual machines and run these games on your PC or on your Android smartphone or tablet.

With that in mind, we’ve listed the emulators with all the classic video games for you to have fun with the feeling of nostalgia. Basically, they work in a similar way and, after having the emulator installed, you should download ROMs that contain the games. Unfortunately, these apps are only for Google’s mobile operating system, since Apple does not allow such apps on iOS – unless you jailbreak your iGadget.

But first, let’s go over some important tips before you start installing all the tools.

There are several sites for downloading ROMs, but we will not list them here for copyright reasons. A quick Google search gives you access to these pages. Stay tuned as several of these links are packed with advertisements and “click traps”. Also avoid downloading softwares like download accelerators, browser toolbar or anything else they offer, as there are probably malware.
Loading the ROMs on your Android

The process is quite simple: just connect your smartphone or tablet to the computer and copy and paste into the folder you want. Most emulators will scan all system folders to find compatible files, so it does not really matter where you choose to store the ROMs.

Another practical option is to use cloud storage services like Dropbox and Google Drive. As a result, files become available on multiple devices at the same time. In order for them to be transferred to your device’s file system, you must open the Drive or Dropbox app and select the Save or Download option.

You can also download directly from Android by accessing the ROM sites through the browser, which greatly facilitates the work.

Save State

Now that you’ve downloaded the emulators, how about boosting the experience with some features? One is that you can save the current game screen so you can return exactly where you left off, regardless of whether the game itself offers it or not. All emulators offer up to 10 status save slots for each ROM, called Save State. The buttons to save the current state or to load a previous one usually are in some menu of options of the emulator, which varies from app to app.

Android control

Another very interesting tip is the possibility of plugging external joysticks to your device. You can repair: when you start playing Super Mario or Street Fighter on your Android, you will soon realize that the onscreen controls are not those things and make gameplay very difficult. Because of this, several emulators support USB controllers, so simply plug them into your smartphone or tablet to take advantage. With some adaptations, it is even possible to make PS3 / PS4 and Xbox controls work with emulators.

That done, now you can take advantage of the best old console classics on your mobile device. See below our selection.

1. Atari 2600 (1971)

2600.emu – This app costs $ 7.62 and offers a number of features such as “Save” (10 slots per ROM), “Fast Forward”, physical control support, video filters and scalable interface. The ROm formats supported by it are .bin and .a26.

2. Nintendo Entertainment System – NES (1985)

Free, NES.emu is the main app for emulating the NES on Android. With it you have 10 slots per ROM to save games, use cheats, and play with external controls or customize on-screen control buttons. His ROMs are in .nes format – time to play The Legend of Zelda.

3. Gameboy (1989)

My OldBoy is a free Gameboy emulator that offers 10 slots to save by ROM, cheats, Gameboy color palette, scalable GUI and custom button layout. Your ROMs are .gb-type.

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Harvest Moon for Android Already Released!

A few months ago, gamers were the glory days of the Playstation console gamers to be one titled “Harvest Moon” have been shocked by the news of the presence of a Harvest Moon game for Android and iOS devices.

The game name is “Harvest Moon: Seed of Memories.”

The game is scheduled for release in the winter yesterday. But because of the little obstacles that whatever the obstacle, the game Harvest Moon for Android and iOS devices were supposed to be released at that time had to be postponed release. And now, the day is eagerly awaited by lovers of the game Harvest Moon has arrived. It is said that because in a few hours ago, the game “Harvest Moon” which for some people with annual 20-30 age range are the games “nostalgia” has been released on the Google Play Store.

Game genre slice-of-life is again present before us by presenting new adventures are certainly not far from its main theme of rustic life. And like the series Harvest Moon earlier, here we will be given a mission to revitalize or revive a farm that is not neglected anymore. Therefore, as usual we have to start investing in the early game; not only material investment, but also a social investment where we begin to cultivate a friendship with the citizens in the village where the story takes place.

In gardening later, we will be presented with a variety of activities associated with plantations, such as planting a variety of plants and vegetables, take care of farm animals (chickens, goats, cows and horses), fishing when there is no other activity, even to begin to look for a life partner and build a small family.

When viewed from the system, this game have improved much from the previous game Harvest Moon series. One is a system event in the game that if the “Harvest Moon” Back to Nature “is not so much an event that can be followed in one year, in this game we will find far more events so that our days will not feel bored with an activity that’s it.

Apart from that, the game “Harvest Moon: Seed of Memories” has one drawback, which certainly makes some of us fail to download. The shortage is the price of the game is to reach the 130 thousand rupiah.

However, even with an expensive price, this game I personally think is worthy downloaded because when viewed from the system, this game is enough to provide entertainment for the lovers of the series “Harvest Moon,” especially for those who want to reminisce play a game that was played at the time golden first generation Playstation.

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Super Mario Run Game Official Landing on Android

Appropriate schedule, finally Super Mario Run game has officially landed on the Android platform. Users of smartphones and tablets with the beige green robot OS is finally able to enjoy mobile games made by Nintendo. Unfortunately, Super Mario Run release is done gradually and starts from the United States.

Android users in other areas are expected to be patient waiting for this Super Mario Run game release. Previously Nintendo said it would release it globally, so that all Android users can enjoy it. Based on the author’s observation, Super Mario Run game is already available in other country and can be downloaded through the Play Store.

As we know, Super Mario Run game itself carries a slightly different model from other freemium games for applying a one-time in-app purchase system. Such models allow users or games to pay $ 9.99 just once to unlock all the levels contained in this Nintendo Super Mario Run game. Such a concept is actually better than a conventional freemium solution.

Super Mario Run is a game made by Nintendo that brings the classic feel of Mario Bros on modern mobile devices. Gameplay that carried by this game is actually not much different from Mario Bros, of course, with a touch of concept and new features to adapt to the present trend.

This game was officially launched for Apple iOS platfrom. Game made by Nintendo is a successful record-breaking game as the best download on the first day of launch, which is 2.85 million downloads. This information is quite valid because it comes from the analytics app of the Apptopia company.

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7 Best Arcade Game Android Offline Version GooglePlay

1. Masha: Search and Rescue

Like Marsha Animation? then surely like also to, yup Masha: Search and Rescue Android game name Marsha and the Bear. In this game you will be an adventure and save and search for friends Marsha who was in trouble, and of course there was an element of fixed the Arcade. How do you live very simple game to fly a hot air balloon by touching the Android screen Marsha you and please friends Marsha.

Designed for kids and even parents, this exciting game must have all the gaming enthusiast.

-Very easy to use
-The game fun
-Dipenuhi attractive graphics of «Masha and the Bear»
The original sound-effects from the animated series

Floods occurred in the spring resulted in chaos. But wait! Masha bravely jumped into the hot air balloon to rescue the bunny is waiting for his help in the islands.
This exciting game for free! Quick post today to help Masha save the rabbit. Children and adults will certainly enjoy this game. Let’s start playing «Masha and the Bear: Rescue Operations»!

Connect with Game Center to play with your friends and compete with other players!

2. BoBoiBoy: Adudu Attacks!

Again appears Animation, who became the Android game, certainly the reason because it is quite popular and of course the developers are not going to waste this precious opportunity fame. BoBoiBoy: Adudu Attacks! sure of the title was predictable game what it is, and of course the developers certainly will update the game with the same title but the series and the story could have been different and exactly adjust the storyline animation. This game is almost all the elements of the animation in this game, why? because the main character in this game is certainly BoBoiBoy with his friends and his enemies or a boss monster Adudu (also named Adudu Attacks!) and the men Adudu. You can use the skill of BoBoiBoy and finish of each stage and to the final stage, namely
Adudu itself. Anyway play only if you want to try it feels to be BoBoiBoy and of course on the platforms Android.

Red alert! Attention Everyone! Adudu attack Rintis island!
He sent spacecraft to Earth to steal the most valuable source of energy on the island Rintis namely cocoa. To protect the island Rintis, you have to help BoBoiBoy and friends – his comrades. Adudu fight against an entire army and defeat them!

Discover fun and challenging shooting game in your mobile device! Download BoBoiBoy: Adudu BoBoiBoy Attacks and join now!

★ Game official free-to-play BoBoiBoy, produced in collaboration with Animonsta Studios
★ original soundtrack of the animated TV BoBoiBoy
★ Over 25 levels available!
★ Revisit all the beautiful scenes of BoBoiBoy Season 1
★ 3 challenging boss levels including Adudu, Probe and Super Probe.
★ Remove the three elemental power to defeat Adudu and his evil forces.
★ Open more special stages and Time Attack mode to add to the fun!

3. Zombie Roadkill 3D

Want to try to hit, stomp, shoot the zombies? if so please play Zombie Roadkill 3D. You act as a driver at the same time to eradicate the zombie shooter. You can upgrade your weapons Vehicles and of course, with the points that you acquire after killing the zombies. And of course the 3D graphics of this game, at least better than 2D: p.

Zombie Roadkill is # 1 action game that blends the boundaries of classic shooter games and timeless racing games. The rules are very simple – slay endless waves of zombies or your brains will be eaten

When your city overrun by zombies, the only thing left to do soon becomes clear – drive your way through a zombie apocalypse! Zombie Roadkill sees you not only driving your way through hordes of the walking dead, but allows you to shoot down zombies using machine guns and RPGs equipped on the car. Is your vehicle strong enough for the challenges as your inevitable doom closes in around you? This game gives cars and weapons never before seen in a mobile phone!

Game Features:

  • zombie-blasting action and racing gameplay Intense!
  • 10 exciting weapons and 5 vesicles can use
  • Story mode and endless mode with 7 types of zombies nonstop
  • stunning 3D graphics and soundtrack inspiration

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“Tofu Ball” Game Have Millions of Fans

Tofu popularity ball few moments ago is drawing attention of many parties. To the extent that there are games that are named Year ball. Games is inspired from the seller tofu in the real world. Cool, the game recently won an award from the International Mobile Gaming Awards (IMGA) in South East Asia. This IMGA new event organized for the first time in Southeast Asia. tofu Your Own Games ball-made studio from Bandung, Indonesia, won the award for Guilty Pleasure. The award categories are given in the game that can make people feel comfortable, continue to play, although it is not made with a variety of sophisticated elements or make people feel the game is so important.

Besides Tofu ball, there are a number of other games that also won this award. In total there are 13 games created by various studios from countries in Southeast Asia. “In this region, we found many people with the creativity and capabilities of the world level. They are a young team with a team-bright future. The winners are the best of Southeast Asia today, “said founder IMGA, Maarten Noyons.

Player games today may be infatuated with Pokemen Go. But the game tofu ball artificial a game development company in Bandung, also has millions of fans. Its popularity as sales balls out in various areas such as Bogor city and its surroundings, Bandung and other cities in Central Java to East Java.

Game tofu ball made Own Games is headquartered in Singapore. Number of players since the game slide May 15, 2016, said the founder of Own Games Eldwin Viriya, reached 4.8 million people in about two months. The game also had entered the top 10 most popular games in the Google Play Store.

The idea of ​​making games tofu ball emerged in April 2016. As the ball out presented impromptu by frying by the seller, as well as the process of making these games to be launched a week later.

The game started work when they attend the Bandung 2016. Comic Party games that can be downloaded for free that challenged his players to be a seller tofu unanimous. The success of a player if able to bring shoppers as much as possible while developing business tofu unanimous.

Display images and atmosphere of the game is to adjust to the original condition. For example pickups tarpaulin and Speaker sound with the exact same song.

Tofu ball Game can be played on a mobile phone operating system Android version 2.3 and above. In its latest version now, the game was present in the English version to reach players in other countries, such as Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia. ball alias name of the game Tofu.

Spherical knew had become a free game that overshadows popularity of games like Clash of Clans on the Google Play Store. In terms of revenue, the sale of products in gaming applications, Tofu ball bring in revenue for developers.

The income derived from the store including the provision of in-app products for Rp 3,000 to Rp 120 thousand per item. Passable, income never entered the Top 10 games.

Now, developers Own Games established since 2011 and is run by five people in charge of updating and improving the game tofu ball. Fans also asked applications coupled with the opening of branches tofu ball in various cities in Indonesia.…

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