Skateboarding sports tips

Sports this one has a lot of young people today. Since it first appeared in America there, skateboarding has spread all over the world. Good dexterity and balance in speeding over skate boards to be one of the must-have skater-skaters for skateboarders. Below are some skateboarding tips for beginners that you need to know before you jump.

Select foot position

the first thing to note in playing skateboard is the position of the foot. The position of your feet in standing on a skate board. There are two options for this. The position of the right foot in front or commonly called goofy or left foot position in front or commonly called regular. Secure your foot position before you pedal the board. When choosing goofy, then the pushing board is the left foot. Vice versa. Keep your balance in terms of positioning this foot. Provide the same portion for both. Because in a higher level, if you can use both leg positions-regular and goofy-then you will be greatly reckoned.

Pedaling the board

pedaling / push boards is the next stage after placing the position of the foot. The easy tips are put the front foot slightly behind the nuts. Subdue a little knee and back position and spread shoulders. Then put the hind legs to the earth, gently push forward with put the front foot slightly behind the nuts. Subdue a little knee and back position and spread shoulders. Then put the hind legs to the earth, gently push forward with moving forward. Noteworthy is not to be too bored and not too well-built. Find comfort in the middle.


tic-tac is a movement to turn the board to the left and right. Like the zigzag movement. If you are used to pushing the board, then this is the next step. The tip is to place the weight of the load on the sole of the back foot. Lift the tail bit (the back of the board stepped on by the hind legs) turns left and right with the front legs aligned by pointing the shoulders in the desired direction.


to turn you just need to place the front foot on the front side of the left or right. If you want to turn right, lean your body by stepping a little foot on the right. So automatically the kingpin in the trucks section will direct your skate board to the right. Vice versa. How it works the same.


to break you can hit the back of the board (tail) to the earth. Or use your hind legs to break.


Ollie is a gesture of your board. Skateboard is designed with the front (nose) and the back (tail) curved. This is useful for making pounding to create ollie.

The tip is to put the front foot behind the nuts. Give the pads of the sole of the foot of the foot behind the tail. Pump your body down pressing the board. By bending your knees and widening your shoulders. Skip the board up by first tapping the tail. When it has managed to throw, push the front foot forward. Redam landing with subdued knees and body back. This trick is difficult at the beginning, but easier if often trained.


The Key to Choosing Women’s Sportswear

Choosing women’s sportswear should be appropriate, think about the comfort that can be given. In addition, good sports clothing is able to provide a sense of warmth during cold weather and feel cold during hot weather. A function that is not less important than the sportswear is the ability of clothes to absorb sweat well. For that, choose clothes with materials that can transfer the sweat of the skin well. This is useful so that the body moisture is maintained without removing the wearer’s comfortable feeling. Without the right clothes, exercise can actually lead to physical discomfort. Even fatigue, pain, and injury may be experienced when exercising in the wrong clothes.

Notice the selection of fabrics

One of the most important elements of a women’s sportswear is its constituent material. The better the material used, the better the effect for body comfort while exercising. Some of the clothing related guides below are worth taking into account.

Clothes made from cotton

Many sports outfits are made of cotton. Although able to absorb sweat well, this material can not evaporate again quickly so last long in clothing fiber. This is what causes cotton sports clothes will feel heavy and damp when exercising. That way, this material is suitable if you want to exercise that is not too sweet.

Synthetic materials

Synthetic sportswear is usually equipped with “axis” which is able to accelerate the evaporation of sweat directly from the skin. In general, this type of fabrics contains polypropylene which makes the sportswear not as greasy as other materials even though the body emits a lot of sweat. This material may also be good for you who do sports or other activities where you sweat a lot. However, this material may make you feel uncomfortable because actually doing this type of material is speeding up evaporation, rather than absorbing sweat.

Plastic and rubber materials

Women’s sportswear made of plastic or rubber material should be avoided. Both materials are troubling the body in getting the ideal circulation. The body temperature becomes too high because the sweat becomes stuck in the body as a result of the absence of circulation.

Selection of clothes must be appropriate

In addition to the materials used, some of the following things need to be considered when choosing a sportswear.

Choose tight or loose?

Choose clothes according to your personality. Do want to obscure body shape by choosing a loose clothing or just want to highlight the body parts by choosing a tight outfit. However, please note that the clothes are not too tight on the joints. Do not let your movement be disrupted due to tight or tight clothes. Clothes that are too tight also risk interfering with blood flow.

Adjust the type of exercise done

use clothes in accordance with the form of exercise is done. Avoid wearing trousers while cycling to minimize the risk of pants on the pedals. When exercising yoga or pilates, use clothes that allow you to move freely.

Use also sports-specific bra

for the sake of safety and comfort, women should use a sports-only bra as well. This is necessary to support flexibility and protection of the breast.

Complete with the right sports shoes

be sure to choose shoes according to the sport done. Choosing the right shoes is important to protect the leg from injury and improve performance. Despite having the name ‘sneaker’, ‘trainer’, or ‘tennis shoes, that does not mean it is entirely suitable for sports. Avoid low-power shoes so as not to harm your feet and bones when jumping. Choose shoes according to the type of sports activities performed.

Women’s sportswear is the right to make exercise more healthy and useful. Better yet, combine regular exercise with a good diet and adequate rest.


Goods to carry before gowes

Cycling is certainly a very fun thing. Especially when cycling with our community friends. But of course, we do not expect anymore fun-cycling fun things happen that we do not expect that might interfere with our fun while cycling. Well, here’s what you have to pay attention to before cycling

personal medicines

While exercising is very likely to occur sudden injuries or congenital diseases. To overcome this, especially for people who have the disease should always bring their own personal medicines or you can also carry the first aid kit box. In addition, it is also advisable to bring drugs to the disease that more often arise when doing cycling sports such as cramps and other drugs.

Mini pump

Leaky tires are a major problem and regular mountain bike sports enthusiasts. Although mountain bike tires are made to withstand all extreme conditions still this problem arises. Provided you always carry a pump while traveling anywhere, a leaking tire is no longer a scary thing. The availability of mini pumps makes you no need to bother carrying it because of its small shape also makes this mini pump easy to carry anywhere.

Mini tool

Tools such as the t button or even a screwdriver may be required when there is damage to the motor. So it must always be taken. Some items needed for tire replacement should always be in one bag. This is important to carry because the problem that often arises is the problem of tire leaks that not only need to add the wind but also requires a connection to the leak. No need to worry about large tool shapes. There are many mini form tools that make you easy and not troublesome to carry it.

Connecting tools and chain offenders

In addition to leaky tires, broken chains are sometimes a complicated issue and quite often occur when we do cycling activities. To anticipate the event, you can bring a tool that can connect and break the chain of bikes at once. With this tool, your problems can be resolved and do not need to be stuck for long and can continue exploration and trips using mountain bikes.

Preparation before doing mountain biking activities that in fact quite dangerous it must be done. In addition, during sports activities, we should be on the watch and as far as possible to overcome things that may be out of control. Therefore, personal medicines and other bike tools should be brought and can be made one place. With the development of the times, everything more and more types of bicycles specially designed to carry on the journey makes everything so much easier and practical. Better when compared with the hassles of it should be some of the above items are recommended to take when cycling, especially mountain bikes.


Tips for Choosing Basketball

Basketball is the ultimate and most important fixture in basketball, and there are many factors to consider before we buy the ball. What are these factors? How can we choose the basketball that suits our needs? Check out the tips we provide in the following article. The selection of basketball used in the game will affect the player’s performance, both from strength factor, slipperiness, comfort, hardness, and reflective power from the ball, considering that these factors can affect the movement of the ball when played. Considering the things above, then it’s good that we do not arbitrarily in buying a basketball. Rather than regret later, there are some things that need to be considered and considered before buying a basketball

1. pay attention to material and size

If you want to buy a good soccer ball, it is advisable to buy this type of soccer ball that is approved.bola is the official standard football fifa.anda can choose the material made of leather and sintetis.biasanya for the type of synthetic is very easy to use while for skin type materials are somewhat hard to come by, but both have the same quality. As for the size of the standard ball, you can choose a ball size 5 for football.biasakan to check the size by the standardization of the ball you use.

  1. Pay attention to bladder and cover

Although there are soccer balls at low prices, you also have to pay attention to the surface of the ball. To get a quality ball, then from 3 different types of the ball with different surfaces such as polyurethane, polyvinyl chloride and rubber, then you can choose the type ball whose surface is made of one of the three types of constituent material.

If you buy an original soccer ball, then you should also pay attention to the type of bladder on the ball. A ball produced using a combination of butyl rubber and air valve will be able to inflate well. Not only that, for this type of ball is also softer when in contact with the head and will be more easily controlled. You can also choose PVC that will be durable and lightweight. While for pu materials, will provide long lasting advantages as well as resistance from water and for the type of rubber material will be more suitable for exercise.

  1. Checking ball conditions

If you buy a new soccer ball, you should pay attention to the ball condition. To determine the quality of the ball, you can do a simple test by kicking straight forward and when the ball is rolling straight, then the quality is good. If the ball condition paying, it will turn.

  1. Checking of ball violence

To get a good soccer ball, checking for the hardness of the ball is very important. To be comfortable in playing soccer, then you can choose the type of soccer ball in the making is done by applying sewing techniques. This type of ball will be more tender. But another soccer ball made with a machine press machine, which will produce soccer ball that has a fast speed with a harder surface when compared with a soccer ball that is made by sewing.selain it will also hurt when it struck the body.

5.Watch Ball Reflections

The original ball is usually already meet the standard soccer ball that is used for the game. To standard bounce football that applied throughout the world is 30 – 40 meters with a reflection from a height of 1-2 meters.

6.perform condition checks

If you want to buy a new ball, then you must check the condition of the nipple ball. usually soccer ball with expensive and original price has a good pentil.pastikan you buy the ball with normal valve condition, in order to avoid leaks that often occur.

7.choose brand

If you want to buy a soccer ball just to play and just a hobby, you can choose a soccer ball made locally. But if the ball is for the game (tournament) there are several choices of original outdoor football made outside like Adidas, Nike, Umbro, molten. does not buy a ball in a deflated state

It is advisable if you buy a new ball football original do not allow to buy the ball in a state of campus.  aims to avoid bad nipple on the ball The. If you buy the ball without checking the nipple will cause the ball to leak without use if the quality nasty valve.

In buying a good soccer ball, cheap and quality you have to pay attention to various things to get the best soccer ball. The latest soccer selection you can do a simple check that I have mentioned above. By doing a simple check it can know the condition of the ball at first before …

Tips on Choosing Bicycle Glasses

We all know that helmets are an important part when riding a bicycle, but to keep your safety and comfort while cycling does not stop there. Bicycle glasses should also be used during your trip, whether riding a bike racing, mountain bike or a cruiser bike. The sun may energize the planet and make the day so perfect for outdoor activities, but it can also wreak havoc on the eyes and become a dangerous interruption during your journey. Too much sun causes the glare from the road, car and even the bike itself. Glare force you squint and it is very dangerous if on the road because it will reduce the scope of your view. Exposure to too much sun also causes permanent damage to your eyes and can trigger the occurrence of black spots.

If you pass the off road lane, wearing bike glasses is a must. In order to avoid the entry of dust, insects, or other objects to the eye. Clearly, cycling goggles are essential for your comfort and safety while cycling. There are many out there in selling bicycle eyewear products, but you must be smart to choose products that suit your needs or style. Here are some considerations for choosing a bicycle eyewear product:


The biggest factor you should consider when buying eyeglasses for cycling is the lens. Most lenses are made of a material called polycarbonate, which is a soft resin form. Made from several types of materials that make the glasses resistant impact, but easily scratched. Lenses come in a wide range to meet a large number of motorcyclists who use them. Here are some of your options when it comes to lenses.

  • Uv protection

A special UV reflecting layer will make harmful rays from damaging your eyes. You want glasses with lenses that block out 99 – 100% of uva and UVB. Most polycarbonate glasses block UV light but you always want to check.

  • Photochromatic

This lens really adjusts to the ambient light conditions, so you always have the right color. But your price on the market is very expensive for this type of lens.

  • Clear

This type of lens is usually used in bad weather or rather dark. So its function is only as eye protection only. If you want glasses for various conditions, you can choose the type of bike glasses consisting of several sets of lenses. So you just replace the lens without having to have a lot of glasses.


Once you have chosen the ideal lens, it’s time to consider what type of frame you want to use. Basically two frame type options: Full frame and half frame. Here are some consideration factors for choosing frames. Many full framed frames can fog up, which is not only annoying but can be dangerous while riding as well. Half framed glasses offer the best ventilation.


Tips on Choosing a surf board for beginners

Friendster likes and likes surfing sports? And also a beginner? It’s a good idea if Friendster knows the right way to choose the right surfboard before buying it. Here are tips on buying a surfboard for beginners.

1. The first surf board should be cheap

When the training process learns to surf, usually we tend not to pay attention to surfboard maintenance. We often ignore the small clashes on the board, which will actually affect the quality of the board later on. If this training process you have mastered well, then allowed to buy a new surfboard as you want.

2. The first surf board should be large and thick

For beginners who want to learn surfing is recommended to choose surf board based on the width or width and height of the board. This type of surfboards float more stable and slave to do paddling technique (paddling). For details, the height of the surf board should be higher than the size of the body.
The average size of a board good for an early surfer has a length of about 7 feet with a width of 19-21 inches and at least has a thickness of 2-3 inches. Small sized surfboards are usually used by surfers who have high flying hours. This type of board is strictly forbidden by beginners because it requires certain techniques that are somewhat complicated to control it.

3. Do not worry about surfboard form

Each surfboard has a tail shape and a number of different fins. For the first 3-6 months, you really do not have to worry about changing or maneuvering in any way, practicing on the same board to get to know the characteristics of your surfboard shape.…

Equipment should be prepared before jogging

Jogging or running is a sport that is a trend among young people. Surely you are not familiar with the show light runs, color run, fun run, or glow run that make this sport so the more hits. Because jogging is an easy sport, cheap, and healthy. You can do it anywhere, like in the sports arena, car free day, campus, home complex, even you can take advantage of sidewalks as your jogging area. Ideally, jogging is done in the morning and afternoon, because the sun is not too hot. Before jogging there are a few that you need to prepare:


Shoes are a must-have for jogging. Choose special shoes for jogging or running shoes. To find running shoes is quite easy, usually, sports shoes at sport station outlets have been classified according to the needs of the sport. Make sure you are comfortable with the shoes you choose and match the size of your feet. If you choose the wrong shoes, you could be injured foot! Do not forget to wear socks so your feet do not scratch.


Use t-shirts that absorb sweat during jogging, such as cotton or spandex shirts. Also wear a shirt that fits your body size, let you be more comfortable when exercising.


In addition to a sweetener appearance while jogging, jacket serves to help produce more sweat. So fat can burn faster. When jogging in the morning you should use a jacket to warm your body because the air is cold.

Training trousers

It is important to note if jogging wears training pants. With your training pants more freely and comfortable movement. You can use long training pants, shorts above the knee, or special leggings for the sport you can get at sports station.


Stopwatch works to measure your jogging time. So you have a target that must be met when jogging. For example in the first week you jog for 30 minutes, in the second week you add jogging time for 35 minutes and so on. You do not have to buy a stopwatch, you can use the stopwatch app on your phone or use your watch.

Mp3 player

Let jogging more fun, bring your mp3 player while jogging. Fill with exciting songs, do not choose a song that let your spirit of sports spirit does not go down.