Favorite Programs in Germany and Tuition

In addition to its quality, other factors the number of foreign students studying in Germany is due to lecture in Germany is quite cheap compared to other countries, there is even free of charge.

Registration lecture called Immatrikulation in Germany. In general, each student is free to choose his studies. But some private universities offer music majors, or sports often use tests, interviews and other measures to filter out the best candidates.

For fields of study such as law or medicine, academic records of students in the previous level is calculated and there is a minimum value required.

Students who are accepted will receive a letter of invitation to college. Students must show registration forms, proof of their German language skills, education level equation records and proof of health insurance. Some countries provide free tuition, but some are still applying the charge. Typically, students are only burdened with the semester dues to be able to use facilities such as the library, cafeteria, to public transport in the state where the college is located, or for club memberships library or sports, which the fare is relatively cheap, the facility can be used student. In Bonn, which is located in Nord-Rhein Westfallen for example, a semester fee of about 230 euros or three million rupiah for every six months.

Limited space

Areas of study course, many suitors favorite, while the number of seats is limited. Restrictions passed by value and then carried to the university. This system is called the Numerous Clausus. Students must achieve a certain value in the index value or previous educational level exam, if you want to get into the field of this limited study.

Committee receiver students will look at the academic background of prospective students as a whole to determine prospective students from abroad which will be accepted.

States of student services

There are dozens of student service unions, called Studentenwerke in Germany. They are made up of professionals who work on behalf of the interests of students. They help run dormitories, cafeterias, make childcare arrangements for parents who still studies, and represents the interests of students in the political arena. The aim is to support young students economically, culturally and politically.

Tuition fee

Unions student services financed in part by Semesterbeitrag or dues semester. Students pay this fee at the beginning of each semester. This money is also used to contribute to the administrative costs to support the university and student union representatives known as ASTA.

While tuition in each state is different, and often capricious. In some states are free and some other states must pay. If tuition is only about half of 230 euros or three million, then the tuition fee per semester (if not free) ranging from 500 Euro – 600 Euro per semester.

Last-minute seats

Some universities are more popular than others. That is why a student can send some mail applications to various universities. Very likely eventually accepted students in some universities, while he was still waiting for an answer from her first choice university. If the student has been accepted at a university, then it can not be canceled until shortly before the semester starts without student consent.

So ahead of the semester lectures begin, happened bustle at the last minute, because there may still be an empty seat. There is an online platform, is available only in German, which helps students keep track of where there are benches and they may still have a chance when you sign

How formed Character Education Kids

In the early days of childhood that children at the age of zero to five years is the golden age for children. then the character education of children at that age is very important because the impetus given to early childhood can give maximum results.

Children are a valuable asset for the advancement of the State then the character education should be given to children from childhood early age, education done by parents only through family education, at the present time there are already some particular institution are available in various forms an opposite such as for example special education early childhood education which is called early childhood, which contains early education for children containing basic knowledge of children, education is worth the habits of good behavior in the community or religion and the state. such attitudes should be taken against those who are older. peers, either in the form of spoken words or behavior. character education to children usually applies until the child is six years old.

Early childhood education has the objective to improved its capabilities and potential of children as a step adjustment with the environment of children around and place of learning she later after he was an adult, aside from that there are at least four reasons important for parents is to consider whether the character education for children since she still small.

First: Early childhood education has an approach and methods of learning are very precise in describing the motor and physical training of the students, because the students will easily conduct special training in early childhood, because they still have not been established and a physical development is not yet optimal.

Second: Children will be taught a lesson about the way of life in the environment, namely how to deal with the problem and how to solve them.

Third: Children will be taught how to interact with people around him is good and true, is the effort to train social skills, to live in the community with better later.

Fourth: With study and play in early childhood education institutions, ordinary children learn to communicate fluently and effectively is how to interact and use the expression and imagination, emotions in the groove of grammar and style good talk.

In an effort to help the growth of the students to the maximum, then the teacher must be diligent in providing help by providing consistently repetition of material as well as provide complete guidance to children. so that the child can grow into a human quality and superior personality someday in the future.

History of Prom Night

Prom..Prom..Prom .. Here’s the long-awaited all teens after three years of school. Something was missing if passed without attending to the prom night. Because prom is a grand feast to say “Goodbye” to friends in arms with a sweet and beautiful way. Try if no prom, surely there would not sweet memories during the school year were left behind, and the farewell party is going to be something very sad.

History of Prom Night

Prom or promenade had already begun about 111 years ago, and the goal is still the original, which is showing musical performances with a good standard to a wide audience. The first prom party was held on August 10, 1895 in London, England.

Differences with prom that we know today, the beginning of this event is formatted like an opera with orchestra form. Along with its development, this event then aim to attract more spectators to show more performances with the performances are more popular, more informal and inexpensive prices. The first is the prom composer Henry Woods, who has been playing music since he was a teenager, you know.

Henry died in 1944 at the age of 75 years. Before he died, he could hold the last concert on 28 July. Hmm … Henry Woods can be regarded as the birth father prom yes.

Prom Worldwide

Dude, prom not just the usual farewell party event, but also a place for you who want to de-stress after exams that make headache. Besides this event you can also find new boyfriend or girlfriend utilized as a platform, you know, because there are certainly dozens of school friends who is usually seen wearing a school uniform, at a special evening it was definitely on the grooming. When else if not in this event all can look like a Hollywood celebrity. So you can make boyfriend or girlfriend coveted for years fascinated to see how we look.

Well, our friends in the United States, which makes this prom prom entrenched in the world are formally organized, commonly called Junior and Senior Prom Prom. In the United Kingdom called the Ball prom, because usually the event was held in the ballroom alias special building for parties and dinner. In Australia, this event is called Leaver’s Dinner, which also comes with the meal. While in Ireland is called by Debs, short of the Debutante Ball.

King and Queen of the Prom

On the night of prom, the boys look handsome in suits and girls look elegant with her dress. Certainly, they are the most beautiful and the most handsome will be crowned Prom Queen and King of the year. It’s become a prestigious event for the participants prom. This election was actually held at the end of the school year by selecting a few candidates who could be considered the most popular, most beautiful and most clever. Continue then their friends would choose names such as elections. So to win, they must look good on the friends of the school, man.

It was indeed awful burden to celebrate the release of a large party. All you need to note is the night of intimacy, so who knows there are friends in school before you do not know. It’s slang for the event as well. Oh yeah, who knows you’ll also meet prospective boyfriend who had been not expect. Have a good prom night!

Role of Teachers in Cooperative Learning

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The role of teachers in cooperative learning (cooperative learning) is as a facilitator, mediator, director-motivator, and evaluators.

As a teacher facilitator must have attitudes as follows:

  1. Capable of creating a classroom atmosphere comfortable and pleasant
  2. Assist and encourage students to express and explain the desire and the conversation both individually and group
  3. Assist the activities and provide the resources or equipment and help smooth learning
  4. Fostering students so that everyone is a useful learning resource for others
  5. Describe the purpose of the activities in the group and set the spread in the exchange of opinions

As a mediator teachers act as intermediaries in linking bridge the learning materials that are being discussed through cooperative learning with real problems in the field. This role is very important in creating meaningful learning (meaningful learning), which is a term coined to indicate the material being studied has links meaning and insight to what is already owned by the students so as to change what belongs to student.

As director-motivator teachers play in guiding and mobilizing the discussions, helps smooth the discussion but did not give an answer. Besides also be encouragement for students to actively participate. This role is very important in order to encourage and promote learning to students in developing good courage students in developing expertise in collaboration covering listen carefully, develop a sense of empathy, as well as communicate when asked, express opinions or conveying problem.

As a teacher evaluator role in assessing the teaching and learning activities that are taking place. This assessment is not only the result, but more emphasis on the learning process. Assessment is done either individually or in groups. The tools used in the evaluation in addition to a test as a data collector also shaped record teacher observation to see the activities of students in the classroom.

Continuing Education in Singapore or Australia

Study abroad options are very numerous and very confusing. A large selection of universities, departments and study destination city sometimes causes difficulties in determining the choice to study abroad. As parents of course you want the best choice for your children, especially the choice of schools where children can live independently, in the sense of not hanging with parents on the issue of school fees, housing and daily supplies abroad. Based on this, you can certainly consider the option of studies to countries that also allow international students to work while studying. One of the countries that are popular with part-time work system for international students is Australia.

In Australia, any field of study and education levels are taken, international students will be allowed to work while studying during their studies, so this gives a plus for them. Besides being able to increase the allowance, the experience gained from the part time job that will also be used as a reference in the process for a future career in Australia.

Australia is also a multicultural country which is famous for its cultural diversity. Most of the citizens from all over the world want to continue their studies in Australia. Indonesia as one of the countries that is located close to Australia are also considering Australia as one of the main objectives of the study.

Choosing a Location Study Abroad

When compared with other countries such as Singapore which is also located close to Indonesia, the cost of living in Singapore can we call the cost of the most expensive in Asia, or comparable with the cost of living in Australia. Price comparison between Australia and Singapore is not far adrift. In Singapore, S $ 750 to S $ 2,000 per month for living expenses. Of course, this amount will vary depending on your lifestyle and your course. While the cost of living in Australia for approximately AUD $ 1000- $ 1500 AUD per month.

Although in nominal terms the cost of living in Singapore will cost several hundred dollars more than the cost of living in Singapore Australia, still the cost is counted much more expensive. This is because there is no part-time work policy for international students in Singapore. International students are generally not allowed to work in Singapore. This includes paid or unpaid work (volunteer) as long as they hold a Student’s Pass (Student Card) is still valid. If you violate this provision, you risk prosecution by the Embassy of Singapore. So the cost of living in Singapore will be more expensive because they can not work part time.

In contrast to Australia. In Australia students allowed to work part time 20 hours per week. And when the school holidays have arrived, students are allowed to work without limit of hours specified. Average earnings – average hourly in Australia around AUD $ 10 – AUD $ 25. Can be accumulated around AUD $ 1600 – $ 4000 per month or approximately Rp. 16 million – Rp. 40 million per month, and it can be used to cover the cost of living in Australia and can help for the cost of education in Australia. And indirectly you can help reduce the burden of parents regarding school fees or the cost of living in Australia.

Early childhood education, should?

Changing times certainly require changes included in educating children. Parents are now beginning to feel the need for early childhood education in schools have even started from the age of 18 months.

In addition to preschool, Childcare also encountered in the city center. Childcare an option for busy parents as a form of early childhood education once the child still gets attention and care for working parents.

Golden age: critical moment early childhood education

Period of children from birth to approximately age 4 years believed to be the golden period (golden age) where the child is experiencing rapid development, especially intelligence.

The process of learning in early childhood education can achieve optimal results when children receive appropriate stimulation with developmental age.

Children learn through observation, experimentation and communication with others. This period is very important as the main foundation for the child’s development in the next age.

Therefore, now there are many schools for early childhood education (preschool) with a variety of educational methods to optimize the ability of the child.

There are five important aspects of early childhood education:

  1. Motor skills or physical: physical development of children developed including gross motor skills such as sports and fine motor skills such as puzzles, doing crafts
  2. Cognitive abilities: how children live in the environment and how to solve the problem
  3. Social skills: children learn to interact with others
  4. Emotional ability: children are able to control their emotions and confidence
  5. Language skills: children learn to communicate with others and how to express feelings and emotions through language.

Government’s Role in Improving the Quality of Education

In an effort to improve the quality of education in Asia. The government in every Country in Asia should be made a priority in order to improve the quality of Asian human. Realization of the education budget, which reached 20% of the total state budget should state can be realized by the government. Do not let this great budget has actually been corrupted by elements who are not responsible. Determination of the standard education system and need not be changed at every change of ministers should become the government’s target. This could provide certainty for every teacher and school. Completed facility and equal quality education for every citizen, especially the areas that are far from the city center. Such areas should be the focus of the government because a lot of people who do not obtain their rights in education.

Lastly, improvements in the quality of the educators also should be considered by the government. Do not let the teachers who teach the future leaders is precisely the people who do not understand what they teach. Here are some things that must be done by the government to immediately resolve the issue of human resources in Asia.

So little Contribute to advancing the quality of education in Asia, which is still lacking. In the spirit of advancing the nation, we will all be able to bring Asia into a better and advanced through the improvement of the quality of our education.