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Where Millennials Are Moving To

On average, it’s taking more than an hour for today’s generation to commute to and from work every day, and workers now yearn to cut that time. It’s not just the commute but looking at how you live your life. More people today spend additional time in their commute, then working, then returning home, than they do enjoying free time.

Statistics show that people spend 66 percent more time than necessary commuting. When you add up all this time, you’ll spend close to 9 days a year just sitting in traffic. It’s become so frustrating that it’s a popular topic of conversation.

Better Quality Of Life

When considering apartments for rent Carpentersville IL residents find themselves looking for communities close to public transportation, with a walkability factor. Undoubtedly living close to work helps you save time and allocate that space to perform another activity such as exercising, enjoying bowling with friends, or just having the luxury of sleeping a few more minutes. However, the biggest advantage is saving more money.

It seems like an inconvenience until you try it. Many people frown at giving up the convenience of driving their own car, but today’s younger generation are seeing it more of a disadvantage. From 2007 to 2011, the number of cars purchased by young people between 18 and 34 years fell by almost 30 percent. And their average number of miles driven per year fell by a little over 20 percent. It’s becoming easy to see that even with gasoline at a reasonable price, you still spend less by using public transport.

One of the biggest issues in most cities is driving during rush hours. Not only do you burn more gas due to the continuous stop and go, but these traffic jams drive up air pollution. Yes, you’re leaving a big footprint by driving every day. Another advantage is that you also save on car insurance when you drive fewer miles.

Commuting is not the only problem but how it affects your health is another concern. Driving can be stressful when you do it every day. Studies show that your quality of life increases when you are exposed to less stress. Different forms of mobility during public transportation boosts your mood. Walking part of your journey increases blood flow and improves cardiovascular health, combined with different visual cues that stimulate your brain. The benefits of not spending all that time in traffic is obvious.

Enjoying Your Neighborhood

Physical inactivity is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, as it can cause heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity and psychological disorders. The ability of people to be active in their community has become one factor of choosing where to live.

Rental agents say nearby shops, restaurants, access points to transportation, and the walkability of a neighborhood influence today’s potential renters. People who live in areas less conducive to physical exercise have to work more to maintain an active lifestyle.

Inevitably, where you live is a determining factor in your quality of life, and more people are paying attention.