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Types of Whiskey Glass to Enhance Drinking Experience

Not every drink will be enjoyable in any glass. Nowadays, you can find different types of whiskey glass in your nearest store. Using a special glass has its merits, and that depends on the whiskey that you are taking. This article gives a brief at some whiskey glass available.

Tumbler – If you are not familiar with other specialized whiskey glasses, then tumbler would be the best one for you. No matter the type of whiskey you are taking, this glass will be appropriate in most cases, and it is commonly used in most places. It is an all-purpose glass. Many people prefer it because it provides a firm grip and easy to hold. It also has enough space to accommodate your drink and a few ice cubes thus it is an important piece that you must have in your cabinet.

Snifter – These glasses are meant for brandy, but they can also be used in taking whiskey. Whiskey has a pleasant smell, and this glass brings it right to your nose it has a narrow top thus you not only drink what you like, but you can feel its smell. Compared to tumblers, they are not as heavy, but some of the have weight at the base to enhance stability.

Glencairn – If you take a close look at this glass, you will notice some features of tumbler and snifter. It was developed approximately two decades ago, and it has proved to be the best for most whiskey drinkers. It has a tulip shape and looks beautiful when it holds whiskey. The curved sides of the glass give a user a clear view of the whiskey so that he can evaluate texture and color and it also shows any impurities if any. The smell of the whiskey does not just escape into the air because the glass has a narrow top which collects it so that you get a strong smell.

Copita – Also known as the dock glass by real whiskey fanatics, this glass has stood the test of time. What makes this type of glass unique is that it has a stem, unlike other whiskey glasses. The stem provides the perfect handle so that your hands are not near the edge of the glass where your mouth is. It has a few similarities to Glencairn or a narrow snifter.

Rocking – The rocking glasses are quite similar to tumblers except that they have curved bottom. They are known as rocking glass because they gently rock on the table as they do not have a flat bottom to keep them stable. Some whiskey lovers prefer the glasses due to their rocking nature while other like how they fit in the hands.

These whiskey glasses can help you to enjoy your favorite drink. It is also interesting to know the best type of glass for a particular type of whiskey. You can also collect the glass in your cabinet as a hobby.