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Investigating the Typical Injuries and Issues Related to a Spring Trampoline

While there is no denying that spending time on a trampoline is both fun and beneficial to a person’s health, many people grow concerned because of the number of injuries that people have sustained by being on a trampoline. Some injuries are caused by people’s own recklessness and doing things that they shouldn’t do when on a trampoline. However, there are times where the actual design of the trampoline is the culprit. That’s why a spring free trampoline is growing more popular.

The first thing to understand is that not only are reckless behaviors responsible for trampoline injuries, but injuries related to the springs on the trampoline are on the rise. If a person has a finger or an arm get caught in the trampoline spring, this could cause significant injury. In addition, if a spring fails, it’s jagged edge could cause severe lacerations or worse. Because a spring free trampoline uses flexible metal tubes instead of springs which makes it less likely that the injuries suffered from a damaged or exposed spring would happen.

Another thing to consider is that many people are injured on trampolines because of trampoline collapse. This has a great deal to do with the way a standard spring operated trampoline is designed. However, because of the design of a spring free trampoline, the base for the trampoline, such as the legs, are often much sturdier. In these situations, there is a great deal less incidences involved in a spring free trampoline collapsing. So long as the trampoline is used as recommended, the spring free version, with a stronger base will be less likely to collapse and cause what can be significant injuries.

A spring free trampoline is somewhat of a new idea for people. With that being said, it’s not surprising that a great deal isn’t known about this type of trampoline technology. However, if you’d like to own a trampoline, but you’re concerned about longevity and about the safety of the people using the device, it may be worth looking a bit more in depth at a spring free trampoline. If you’d like to know some of the finer details of this type of trampoline technology, you may want to check out this site for more information.