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Important Things to Consider When Purchasing New Curtains in Doylestown

When visitors walk right into your door, the first thing they will notice is your curtains and possibly other window treatments. Most of our windows are eye-catching and as a result contribute greatly to the overall ambiance of the home. So why should choose a curtain that does not truly meet your classy needs? In curtains Doylestown PA, there are several designers and interior decorating companies that sell curtains with exceptional tastes and looks. However, particular curtain designs whether its fabric, lining, color, or length blend to a particular home décor. Thus, it is important to narrow down your options before during the selection process.

The matching fabric and color

Fabric is a very important part of curtain selection due to the fact that material dictates how the curtains will hold up in the house. If they are too heady, they won’t fold crisply whenever you draw them and if they are too light, they may never fall as you want. As you check curtains, ensure you review a bigger sample since a smaller fabric many not show the actual drape. Also keep in mind that fabric fades over time due to sunlight; if your room is getting too much light avoid picking bright colors.

When it comes to the curtain material, your interior designer will tell you that faux silk, silk, linen, and velvet are the best choice you can make. Faux silk is durable particularly when your room is sunny and does not deteriorate faster like actual silk.

Length and Linen

All interior designers will request you to give them the required measurement of your window for the right curtain size. Before you do this, consider how high you want the curtains to be above your window. Having hanging panels that are above the window will create some sense of the room height. Measure the window top up to the floor; to have a more traditional look you will be forced to add more inches but for modern look, let the panel have the floor height.

While measuring the window width, make sure you add between 4 and 8 inches on both sides to ensure fullness. If you need to block out the sun, then the extra inches will also help you stop the creeping light.

Custom window and off-the-shelf treatments

Custom window treatments will provide you with many benefits. You will be able to create a perfectly-fitted suit by customizing the dimensions of the curtain to fit your window size. There are endless design options when it comes to custom panels including the header style and the material. However, in Doylestown PA, the custom curtains appear to be more expensive compared to off-the-shelf treatments. In case your budget is tight, you can always consider high-quality retail window.

Dry cleaning only vs. washing machine friendly

It is upon you to decide on the type of curtain you want—whether to purchase dry-clean only or a washer machine friendly. Keep in mind that you may ruin quality curtains by washing them yourself instead of dry cleaning.