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How to Solve Wet Basement Problems

Many homes use the basement areas to place appliances and furnaces in, which mean moisture problems can prove costly. There is a solution that works for most budgets and problems that lead to corroded items, or mold and mildew in your home.

Install a Sump Pump

Living in a flood-prone area or having an unusually high water table can mean a consistently flooded basement. One of the easiest solutions is to have a sump pump added that can remove excess water as it begins to move in. The cost is minimal when it comes to saving you the expense of water damage repairs.

Repair Cracks and Wall Damage

Water can access the basement through even the smallest of cracks in walls. These cracks can expand over time and lead to water literally pouring in and flooding your basement area. There are methods of repair that can be done to fix these cracks and foundation repairs can be made to keep this problem from getting worse.

Install Gutters for Water Flow from Your Roof

The rain that hits the roof and is allowed to free-flow down can accumulate at the base of your foundation walls. This pooled water can easily make an entrance into the basement through the porous concrete material that comprises most foundations. Installing a system of gutters, downspouts and drains to lead the water away from the home is your best defense against this sort of water intrusion.

Improve Drainage Near Windows and Access Doors

Leaks around windows and basement access doors can account for pooling water on your basement floor. Have these areas checked and sealed if it appears that this is the source of water intrusion. It is one of the more simple fixes to a moisture problem.

Install French Drain Systems

French drains can be added to a basement floor, or to the outside of the home near driveways. These allow for the swift drainage of water directly into the local sewage system. It will help preserve your foundation, driveway, and sidewalks from water damage due to localized flooding.

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