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How to Find Good Rodent Control that Combines Quality and Cost

Most household pests can be handled with a combination of DIY measures, preventative tactics, and over-the-counter products. However, in some cases, professional help is needed. No one wants to experience a major infestation of rodents, but equally undesirable is the use of sub-par rodent control services. Here are some things to consider that can aid you in avoiding that pitfall.


The first thing to do is to take a gander at ratings and reviews. A simple search for any rodent control burbank ca. will provide a wealth of choices. In order to whittle those choices down look at what other consumers are saying and check in with sites like the BBB. Be sure to look for any formal complaints that have been filed. A good service will be accompanied by rave reviews, high ratings, and little to no formal complaints. Be wary of companies that lack reviews and ratings.


Once you have narrowed your search to a few choices it is time to take a closer look. A professional website is a great indication of the value of a service. The website should have loads of information on pest control, what to look for in an infestation, and even tips to prevent rodent incursions. They will have recommendations from satisfied clients and businesses, and all their credentials will be easy to locate. Stay away from any company that makes its licensing and proper insurance hard to find. You can be left liable for damage and injury if a service lacks such credentials.

Ask the Right Questions

When you contact a perspective rodent control service be sure to ask the right questions. First off, make sure the contractors are certified and experienced. Ask about the types of pesticides they use. Ask them about their specialties and ensure that they know how to rid you of your specific pest. Also, be sure to ask for a copy of their license. In many cases what you are looking for is affirmatives to the question. If a company is reluctant to show you certification and licensing that is an obvious no-no.

Comparison Shop

The final thing to look at is cost. Do not just go with the cheapest options because sometimes it is attached to the cheapest services. If you want quality service you may have to pay a little for it. If a company quotes you very low find out why, if they quote you higher than normal find out why. A more expensive service may come with perks that make it the most cost-effective choice. Such perks could include free maintenance, a warranty, or even additional preventative services. A lower quote could also be affected by an ongoing special. This means you are getting a more expensive service for a cheaper price.

Pay Attention to Upselling

If a service automatically goes to price before hearing about your specific problem this is a danger sign. It is also bad if they try to upsell you on other services. Such factors demonstrate a company that cares more about profit than service.