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Glass Tops: Styles and Benefits

Glass tops look great on all kinds of furniture and come in four shapes: round, rectangle, square and oval. Check out glass tops FT Mitchell KY soon and enjoy the beauty they bring to your furniture and rooms.

Glass table tops are used in various ways; one way they are used is to protect furniture. These glass tops protect the surface of tables, desks, coffee tables or other furniture. There are several helpful guidelines when using glass that sits directly on the surface of furniture. The preferred thickness is ¼ inch; however, 3/8” or ½ can also be used. Talk with a home improvement professional and find out more about thickness of glass on furniture.

Glass table tops can also be used where the entire surface of a piece of furniture is made from glass and where the glass sets on a pedestal. For safety reasons the glass has to be tempered and the thickness should be 3/8”. The edges should also be flat polished and beveled.

Besides looking beautiful and adding ambiance to a room; there are other benefits of glass tops such as protecting your furniture. A glass table top keeps your furniture free from scratches and dents. In addition, glass adds protection from stains such as food or makeup. Most importantly, glass table tops add years to the life of your furniture. Keep in mind; glass also adds style and beauty to any room.

Another benefit of having glass tops is how they create the illusion of space and light. Glass tops mirror the light in the room; creating a brighter and larger look to the room. Also, they are less expensive than wood.

There are a variety of ways you can use glass tops; one way is to use glass table tops for your dining areas. Place a glass sheet over a wooden base; you will have a protective layer that is tough, beautiful and easy to clean. And, if food or drink spill onto the glass top, all you must do to clean it up is by wiping it up with a clean, dry cloth.

Also, take your coffee table or end tables and place glass tops on them. For additional beauty, place decorative pieces on your tables such as candles, figurines and books. The glass will reflect your pieces and give it an elegant and classy look. Or, how about decorating your desk with glass tops?

To conclude, glass tops look great on all kinds of furniture and come in four shapes: round, rectangle, square and oval. Check out your local home improvement store soon and choose glass tops for your furniture. Find out how these translucent pieces add light, beauty and elegance to your rooms.