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Crowning Glory: Let’s Talk About Different Types of Hair Extensions and Hair Extension Care Tips

Hair extensions are really making our crowning glory stand out, increasing confidence and overall look for a better you. Hair extensions come in variety of colors, styles, length, and attachment depending on your preference and needs. There are two types of hair in making hair extensions which are natural human hair or synthetic hair. Synthetic hair have silicone coating giving a natural glossiness to the hair extension, and it can’t be dyed or styled with heat, and fade over time. Synthetic hair extensions as compared to human hair are less expensive because of its lower quality and limited use. Human hair extensions blend well with natural human hair, and it can be styled and dyed in any way you want. Remy human hair has the finest quality of human hair, which is the top choice for hair extensions, wigs, and hairpieces because it has the most natural look.

Hair extensions have different attachments which include weave hair extensions, tape hair extensions, micro link, micro bead or loop hair extensions, and pre-bonded or fusion hair extensions. Micro link hair extensions are also referred to as loop or micro bead extensions, which are applied by looping the hair extensions through natural hair and clamping it with a metal bead and pair of pliers to finish. Girls with thick locks can disguise their hair with weave hair extensions. Weave hair extensions cater to any type of hair. Tape hair extensions are pre-taped and sandwiched on either side if the hair, easily and quickly fixed, and it can last from six to twelve weeks. Pre-bonded or fusion hair extensions are one of the most types and the most discreet hair extension which are bonded to the natural hair using adhesives such as keratin and glue. Pre-bonded hair extensions may last six months or longer.

When it comes to caring for your human hair extension, it is just like also handling your natural hair. When it comes to brushing, always start at the bottom, detangling the area first before moving up to work on the top sections. Wash hair extensions carefully, making sure you detangle them before shampooing, rinse and dry, and follow up with a wide-toothed comb when they start forming knots. Apply a nourishing leave-in conditioner to have a smooth and silky hair extension. Allow your hair extension to dry naturally and dry fully, so it is best to be thirty minutes early to manage with tangles and creases. When you must blow dry your hair, do it carefully and utilize a low-heat setting, starting with the surrounding hair, and then styling or drying the rest as normal. In a big and air-tight container, you can store your hair extension, but ensure that you clean it first, condition, dry and detangle to maintain its good condition.Where To Start with Resources and More

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