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Eating and Exercise Journals: Tracking Success

At the start of every new year, individuals set out with certain goals in mind. Many goals center on eating healthy or incorporating more exercise into their routine. But what happens a couple of months down the road? Many of the goals have fallen by the wayside and aren’t a priority anymore. In order to stick with a plan and get healthy, it might be time to start an eating and exercise journal. This is just one simple addition to a routine that can have a huge impact.

Journaling Eating

It’s important to take note of exactly what is being consumed on a daily basis. Many people eat all day and have no idea how much they have eaten or the number of calories they have put away. By starting to write down everything eaten, it causes a person to become more aware. For some, it means thinking twice before reaching for another unhealthy snack at night. Still others may take note of what has been eaten over the course of a day, causing them to make some serious changes to eating habits the next day. This journal also serves as a great source of encouragement. It is possible to look back over the course of a month or even a week to see the positive changes that have taken place. For more information on health, fitness, and eating right, check out www.UnfinishedMan.com.

Journaling Exercise

It takes just a couple of seconds, but writing down any and all exercise that took place during the day can be a huge help when it comes to striving for fitness goals. For those that are interested in mixing up their workouts, the journal allows them to track what they have done in a given week and what needs to change in the next couple of sessions. There can be a real sense of accomplishment when it comes to jotting down a note about how long or how far an individual ran. Then, when it comes time to seek out motivation, a couple of flips through the journal should get the job done. Each page will be filled with activities that have been completed.