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Case Tracking in Landlord Tenant Disputes

Case Tracking in Landlord Tenant Disputes

Landlord tenant cases are neither solved in a few days nor a few weeks, not to mention the potential snags and/or pitfalls that come with the territory. For the landlord that can mean a lot of lost income and aggravation. Here’s how to resolve landlord tenant cases as fast as possible.

It helps if one has a case tracking service on the case. With a lawyer and a marshal working together with the landlord, it can be hard to ensure everyone is updated -in real time especially, when shuffling paperwork back and forth becomes burdensome and sometimes confusing. It helps to have a checklist with all of the actions that are pending and/or need to be completed. Court activities, payments, and warrant applications all need to be tracked and dealt with as soon as possible so that the eviction is not delayed any longer and the landlord does not wind up losing any more money.

The process of filing a warrant alone is a tedious one with many steps. For example, the paperwork and preliminary documents necessary for a warrant to move through the court system can be overwhelming. If any documents are missing, the warrant can easily become stuck in a sort of bureaucratic limbo, and unless someone keeps track, the marshal may not receive the warrant for many weeks or even months. The entire time the landlord does not collect rent. Once the marshal has received the warrant and gathered the appropriate paperwork, the marshal can schedule an eviction. If an order show cause is signed with a new court date then the eviction gets cancelled and the case goes back into the system with further stipulations that need to be tracked and reported for the case to move on.

In order for this long process to move as seamlessly as possible, it is a good idea to work with case management tracking. They can track all of the requisite paperwork and allow the landlord, lawyer and marshal to stay up to date with the goings on in real time. This is partly achieved with technology. An online database with alerts, a calendar, and a dashboard offers the ultimate oversight of the eviction process and prevents unwanted delays.

Residential property management saves the landlord big headaches as well as lost months of income, making case tracking an obvious choice. If you’re involved in a landlord tenant case contact a landlord/management service today.