Tips on Getting Started on Children

¬†How to actually start fitness for children. A healthy lifestyle not only belong to adults only. You certainly do not want to see your children or nephews are potbellied because of obesity or often sick because of eating or snacking unhealthy food and lack of exercise is not it? Get your kids to exercise right now! Here’s a tip to persuade them to love fitness:

Give example

Of course, this is the ultimate tip. You can not forbid your child to eat ice cream or other sweet snacks if you do not give an example of healthy snacking. Show them what is a healthy and active lifestyle by modeling your behavior first. Encourage your child to walk or be healthy together at the end of the week for example. Playing a ball together or badminton on the home page is also very good. Do not forget to also get a healthy snack on the family table that can be eaten anytime.

Choose sports they like

Do not impose the will on children to exercise! All you need to do is just take them out on the move rather than watching tv or playing games. If they do not like being registered in a sports club, swimming together on water rides like water broom or playing futsal with a neighbor child would please them. Even though it is not a sport, playing a musical instrument is good enough to keep them active.

Select school with the sports and scout curriculum

Although sometimes only once a week, support the children’s sports activities at school. Occasionally come see your child’s sporting event at school. Even though it’s just an outing with school, kids will become more active outdoors and school. Also, make sure children attend scout activities are full of activities outside the room and train sense of responsibility. Since children are recommended to be active at work 3 times a week, it is a parent’s job to teach the rest beyond the school’s school schedule.

Teach the knowledge of healthy lifestyle

How many parents teach sports and nutrition knowledge to children? It must be very minimal. Body sports and healthy eating are just as important as regular school knowledge. Teach you how to eat healthily and exercise can make their bodies stronger, run faster, or grow taller. They’ll love it. Also, teach the negative effects of smoking or eating junk food.

Bring a healthy stock shop

Instead of giving your child a big snack money, you better replace it with a lunch and a healthy snack. Snacks sold in the school cafeteria is not necessarily healthy, especially the snacks that are sold outside the school fence. These chemicals are harmful to your child’s prone to child health. Make sure the lunch menu is interesting and well liked for children. Buy a kid’s cookbook or create your own healthy diet and snack yourself. Do not forget to ask them what lunch menu they want.

Invite house cleaning together

Just because you are busy working, does not mean the task of cleaning the house is your housekeeper’s business. Inviting children to clean the yard, sweeping the floor, tidying up the playroom, or washing their bikes is a good activity to encourage more active children while teaching the good. about the task of cleaning the house. Make your family successor, children who grow healthy and strong by introducing sports or outdoor physical activity and eating healthy and nutritious foods.


The right sport for your baby

Holding in early childhood is certainly not the same as children who are older. Certainly not the type of sports achievement, but rather to how the gestures can support the development and growth of children. In accordance with the rate of physical growth, whatever the choice of the form of physical activity carried out should pay attention to the development of motor skills according to his age. Just move and do a movement course for children already from exercise also so what are the recommended sports:

Physical activity

Little is still a few months old and can not even walk? Do not worry, at this stage the important thing is the little one can be actively moving. Just invite him to move for 3 hours a day. Activities can by crawling, until just rolling around. What is clear, do not let your baby just passive silence. He must move!


Well, in addition to moving his body on land, invite also the little guy acquainted with water. Swimming is the first sport safe to be introduced to babies. “babies have a grasping and moving reflex. While in the pool he will use the reflex to move his hands and walk like a swimmer’s movement.

He also added that it was already accustomed to swimming in the amniotic fluid since it was still in the womb. This is what makes when you enter a baby under 3 months in the water, an automatic baby reflex that appears is to move his legs like a dog style swim. Swimming since infancy also provides benefits to their physical development, concentration, reflex movement, intelligence and social behavior as they enter childhood.

If you used to maybe wait until the age of your child reaches 6 months to introduce it to swim, now 2 months old age can already plunge into the water. It’s easy if the baby has not been able to lift his head, place his tiny body on the palm of his hand, then place it on the surface of the water so he is free to move his arms and legs. When your child is able to lift the head, use a special tire for the baby or so-called neck ring so he can float in the water and move his legs and hands as he likes. The baby swimming session is ideally done three times a week for 10-15 minutes.

Gymnastics baby

If you want other sports alternatives without having to get wet, just invite your baby to baby gymnastics. Shaped in a series of motion games and ideally done three times a week, this baby’s gymnastics can increase the strength of the upper arm muscles and shirt. Not only that, babies who join this baby gym class generally have a better appetite, sleep more soundly, and grow faster and faster.

Sports recreation

Inviting infants and toddlers to exercise is certainly different from taking the older sister who was sitting on the bench Elementary. If the baby is swimming and gymnastics, and the toddler is accustomed to walking at least 15 minutes each day, consider taking the older sister to exercise recreation. Trends in sports bikes that are rampant you can take advantage of. Buy the little bike, whether it’s a mountain bike, a mini bike, a folding bike, or even a fancy fixie bike everywhere, then ride with him. Playing badminton and table tennis can also be considered.

Team sports

Name four team sports that come to mind. Maybe football, basketball, baseball, and volleyball will come right away. Although the AAP advises against involving children in competitive team sports until they are 6 years old, this team sport is a great way to exercise, build self-confidence and learn to work with each other. Allow your child to join in an extracurricular sports team or sports club.